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By: Adapt-o-leash  09-12-2011
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          Adapt-O-Leash®       This new retractable and dog leash is not
only good for walking your dog. It is also ideal for
camping, or at the park while you relax knowing your
friend is near by. Adapt-O-Leash® is also great for when
you take your dog with you on vacation where a fence is
not available and safety is a concern. While other
retractable dog leashes may be attached to trees, fences
or other objects, Adapt-O-Leash® comes with the daisy
ground anchor. The retractable and adjustable dog leash
combined with the daisy ground anchor will not only keep
your pet from wondering off and getting lost, but it will
also allow you to set the distance you want your pet to
roam. The screws into any suitable ground
for attaching the retractable and adjustable dog leash.
Just set the adjustable length of the leash for a safe
suitable play area for your pet ( Adapt-O-Leash®  is
completely functional at all 4 settings 4,8,12, and 16 feet)
and don't worry about a fence or about the leash getting
rapped around the anchor or dragging in the dirt or dog
waste because the ground anchor allows the retractable
and adjustable dog leash to rotate completely around it's
axis. The handle of the new retractable and adjustable
dog leash is designed for easy gripping. The leash and
anchor each weight less than 1lb or .4 kg.      Please be a responsible pet owner and read all the
instructions on this website or the instruction booklet
that comes with the packaging before using the
 Adapt-O-Leash® .      If you would like more information about the
  Adapt-O-Leash® please .      
Unique adjustable length, retractable dog leashes.




US Patent 7,866,282
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Keywords: Dog Leash, dog leashes