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By: Hamill Creek  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wood

Qualities of Wood as a Building Material: • Has high strength to weight ratio
• Wood is an environmentally sustainable material
• Timber has superior insulation qualities, reducing the need for electricity or burning fossil fuels
• It has versatility- is easily moulded and profiled, giving great scope for architectural design
• Aesthetically, it has visual warmth and a variety of character, colour and grain texture

Methods of Drying Freshly Harvested Timber:

Air Drying: Although a lengthy process, this more natural method involves stacking the over-sized timbers, each layer divided by 4” dunages, the finished stack then covered by protective sheeting. A slow, natural drying process takes place and once this process is complete, the over sized timbers are planed down to the correct size, removing most of the surface checking and twisting that may have occurred.

Kiln Drying: ‘Kiln’- In lumber drying, a kiln is a room or building where temperature, moisture, and the air circulating are controlled to dry wood. A process that we, as an ‘environmentally aware’ company are trying to move away from. The kiln takes only 2-3 weeks to dry timbers, but during this time it is burning fossil fuels – increasing the ‘environmental footprint’ of the home we are creating. Although it can reduce the amount of shrinkage that occurs within a joint, making the joints tighter, it unfortunately often increases the checking (splits in the beams).

Finishes & Stains: We offer a wide variety of custom finishes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Planed Finish - The finish of the wood is shiny and smooth to the touch

Hand Sanding - This may be the choice of finish for the more discerning client.
Timbers are planed smooth then sanded with 100 grit paper leaving a velvety finish with clean, sharp lines.

Textured Finish - Our craftsmen work the timbers to give the wood a texture that is smooth to touch
but uneven surface with a rustic characteristic much like hand adzed timbers found in barns.

Rough Sawn - A rustic style of finish. The wood is not planed, leaving a rough sawn finish.

Stains & sealers - All of our timbers receive a coat of Timber Pro UV water-based sealer your Timber Pro is formulated with durable, penetrating oil resins carried in pure water. This formula gives the toughness of an oil finish, combined with the environmentally safe quality and easy clean-up of a water-borne product. The oil resins fill the pores of the wood and lock in the natural resins already present.  Many different colors and tints are available.   A final coat of this UV product on the timbers is recommended after home is completed.

Keywords: Wood