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By: Simpson Strong-Tie  09-12-2011

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Quik Drive® BGP300 Auto-feed Screw Driving System

New patent-pending advancement mechanism prevents skipped screws and allows a greater percentage of the collated screws to be driven. Belt collation improves screw handling by eliminating dropped loose screws that can lead to scratched or dimpled panels. 1/2"H X 2 2/3"W Corrugated Profile Guide. Bit – 1/4" Lobular Hex-Head Driver Bit. Mandrel for 1/4" Lobular Hex-Head Bit. Profile guides (flat and R-panel. AG Panel 3/4" Rib Profile Guide.


Quik Drive® Popular Applications

Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems make sense in a broad range of fastening applications because they feature quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment, and a patented auto-advance mechanism that enables you to improve the quality and durability of your work while reducing time and money spent on the job.