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By: Mountain Manufacturing  09-12-2011
Keywords: Steel, Fabrication, Valves

We possess a wide breadth of welding, fabricating and machining capabilities. Our new shop combines advanced equipment including: manual, water-jet, and CNC machinery with TIG, MIG and Arc welding machines run by our highly skilled technicians. Despite being largely a custom manufacturing shop, the merger of Enermax Fabricators Ltd. and Mountain Manufacturing 2002 Ltd. has provided EM Manufacturing with a great deal of experience in the following areas:

Heat Exchangers:

EM provides complete design engineering of both ‘tube & shell’ and air cooled heat exchangers. Our heat exchangers are designed and selected to meet or exceed both thermal and mechanical operating conditions specified by the customer. Wherever practical, designs will incorporate features that will eliminate or minimize problems arising due to corrosion, erosion, vibration, fouling and differential expansion. Manufactured heat exchangers include condensers, vaporizers, kettles, liquor heaters & coolers, high pressure gas heaters, effluent coolers and immersion heaters.

Pressure Vessels:

EM services include complete mechanical design of pressure vessels meeting ASME Section V111 Div. 1 (latest addenda) and client specifications. EM vessels comply with all applicable code requirements and are registered with Provincial or National Board authorities. Manufactured pressure vessels include knock out drums, accumulators, receiver tanks, condensate & flash tanks, and fillers.

Storage Tanks & Immersion Heaters:

EM domestic hot water (DHW) tanks meet specified storage volumes and design conditions defined by our customers. Working pressures of 100 to 150 psig is standard although, tanks can be manufactured to any required working pressure. EM DHW tanks are commonly manufactured in two styles: carbon steel with an epoxy lining or 304L stainless steel, both suitable for potable water. All EM DHW tanks carry a conditional 5 year warranty.

Immersion heaters for DHW tanks are designed to match temperature and recovery rates specified by the customer. EM heaters are constructed typically of copper, brass or stainless steel. EM double wall immersion heaters comply with the latest Canadian plumbing codes for potable water.

Tanks for the storage of fluids other than potable water are designed and manufactured in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. API tanks can be designed and fabricated and shipped whole or in part for field commissioning.


Our valves are a fabricated globe type design within the size range of 24" to 84" diameter. Normal application is shut-off but we can supply modulating valves for mixing of gas streams or for taking side streams. The angle valves are used in the sulfreen process shut off while regenerating the contactors. The mixing valves are used for combining gas streams to obtain specific downstream temperatures.

The mixing valves are supplied with a modulating diaphragm or piston actuator. A temperature signal operates a valve positioner that causes the valve to stroke and regulate the mix of hot and cold gases. The valve stroke position is fed back into the positioner and the valve self adjusts to give the correct downstream temperature. Valve position (% open) can be read at a remote location. Various safety features can be designed into our valves including: ‘fail open’ valves, ‘fail close’ valves and control package can be waterproof (NEMA 4) or explosion proof.

EM factory tests all installed gaskets and seals to ensure there is no leakage. EM provides valve fabrication to ASME VIII Div 1 ('U' stamp) if required. Depending on application our carbon steel has a pressure and temperature rating of 650°F (343°C), while our stainless steels with refractory lining is rated at 1300°F (704°C).

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication:

EM regularly produces items such as machinery frames and bases, machine components, conveyors, screw conveyors, structural steel, platforms, staircases, caged safety ladders, storage tanks, gear casings, handrails and many other steel components.

Keywords: Fabrication, Heat Exchangers, Immersion Heaters, Potable Water, Pressure Vessels, Steel, Tanks, Valves