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By: Dr Cobi  09-12-2011
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The initial consultation lasts approximately 1 ½ hours and includes a complete medical case history. The following areas will be discussed during the consultation: present and past medical history, family health, hereditary diseases, diet and exercise habits, medications, allergies and emotional well-being. The practitioner will review any medical diagnosis and perform any required physical examinations. The patient will be provided with a full treatment plan for any health challenges through the use of natural therapies including herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral therapy, nutritional counseling, lifestyle counseling, detoxification and cleansing programs. These programs are individually created specifically for each patient’s needs. All herbal medicines are individually formulated and compounded on site.

Follow-up consultations are 30-45 minutes long and are usually held every 1-4 weeks. In these sessions, progress evaluation will be examined and any challenges will be addressed. The patient will usually undergo a series of 5-10 follow-up appointments.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Lab Testing

The key to fast and effective diagnosis is our sophisticated battery of tests. The results of these tests give the practitioner exactly what they need to get the message your body would really like to send, if only it could. With this full battery of tests, we can usually see the complete picture of your health at its most fundamental, cellular level. Treatment programs become simpler, more direct and efficient, and they can actually cost much less than programs developed without testing. Tests can be done individually or a group of tests can be combined to form a panel.

First Line Therapy - Weight Loss Program

Low Intensity Laser Therapy

This Low Intensity Laser Therapy can be used in the treatment of all pain and inflammatory conditions as well as skin conditions.

Massage Therapy

Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic provides Registered Massage Therapy services. Pain free movement is essential for living an active and healthy lifestyle. Massage therapy aids in restoring optimal function of muscles and joints. Whether you have experienced sports injuries, stress, neck, shoulder or neck pains, therapeutic massage will help directly with the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.

Soft Heat Infrared Sauna

Methods to induce sweating have been used for centures by many cultures to bring about improved health and relief from disease. Over 2000 years ago, the famous Greek physician Parmenides stated “give me a chance to create fever, and I will cure any disease”. This traditional wisdom has certainly stood the test of time and is now coupled with the most advanced technology to create the Soft Heat Infrared Sauna. Now available for Essential Health patients! Read more about benefits..

Eat Clean Menus is a service that is dedicated to helping you create nutritious and delicious meals with ease.

By providing menu plans, recipes and customized shopping lists, our mission is to bring health and taste to the table every night.

Bringing expertise and experience, our team is committed to ensuring that your nutritional journey is one of simplicity, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Keywords: Intensity Laser Therapy, medications