The Coming Economic Armageddon Book

By: David Jeremiah  09-12-2011

Since 2008 when the current financial crisis began, calls have been heard for the establishment of a “new world economic order” to deal with international financial problems. World-level chaos has trickled down to the man on the street: unemployment, debt, foreclosures, and loss of hope. In The Coming Economic Armageddon, Dr. David Jeremiah covers ten crucial aspects of the present and future economic changes in our world—and reminds readers to keep their trust in God alone, the only true source of safety and security in our world. 272 pgs.

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When Your World Falls Apart recounts Dr. Jeremiah's battle against cancer as well as the real-life stories of others who have struggled with tragedy. Highlighting ten Psalms of encouragement, each message is a beacon of light in those moments when life seems hopeless.

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With inspirational articles and instructive daily devotionals, Turning Points is unique and fresh each month and provides something for every reader. Based on the radio and television teachings of Dr. Jeremiah, Turning Points is ministering to thousands worldwide.