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26-november-10 (Note: information on International is dated)

The International™ runs itself and lets coaches concentrate on instructing, not operating the machine. Our automated modes standardize scrummaging sessions and produce accurate statistics building confidence and allowing goals to be set, reached and exceeded.

Coaching With

  • The ScrumOS TM has fully automated training routines programmed into itTrain all aspects of scrummaging
  • Improve performance through better technique and increased strength
  • Track individual and group progress
  • Determine your team’s most effective combinations
  • Win more games
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Various International Scrum Trainers

The International was designed from the start with safety in mindEveryone who has played rugby knows that the game can be potentially hazardous to your health. The ScrumMaster International is designed first & foremost for the players. Safety is our priority.
  • ScrumOS TM dynamically monitors the state of the machine and actively restricts it to a safe operating zone
  • Moulded fibreglass cover with rounded corners fully encases potentially dangerous parts
  • Off switch for immediate release of pressure
  • Dual-density pads protect against contact-point compression injuries
  • Removable and washable neoprene pad covers for easy sanitation

The Machine

  • Fully independent, articulating loosehead and tighthead pads simulate a live scrum with varying pressures, heights, and prop angles
  • ScrumOS TM programmed into a pnematic computer to fully automate the International and take advantage of its unique flexibility and range
  • Compressed air withstands a pack's pressure and pushes back
  • Variable unit mass, absorption of impact & rate of application of thrust
  • Machine can be operated while stationary or in motion
  • Compact design allows realistic back row plays close to scrum base
  • Contoured pad backing plate for visible put-ins/feeds
  • Easily customized options give the feeling of a real scrum
  • Simplicity of use -- Scrum manipulated by simple joy-stick operation
  • Audible tones indicate achievements
  • Active steering allows dynamic wheeling
  • Sensitive braking permits accurate control of motion
  • Automatically resets for consecutive engagements
  • Operator or pack initiated routines
  • Sports-specific isometric exercises can be tailored to represent any opposition
  • Determine best combinations for forward pressure
  • Improve pack’s body alignment, foot positions and pushing angles
  • Work rate and effort accurately measured and recorded
  • Track individual and pack scrummaging improvement (post results to motivate your players)
  • Ergonomically designed, adjustable handgrips

transparent rendering of the International prototype that went to the World Cup in South Africa

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Keywords: Active Steering, Audible Tones, Compressed Air, Games Club, Neoprene Pad,

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