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By: Scrummaster  09-12-2011
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SafeSledge TM Trainer


Our most popular model is the SafeSledge™ with the Lift & Shift™ option This package dramatically increases the functionality by allowing the first 15 pack to use the SafeSledge with it fully ballasted then with the pull of a lever you can deploy the moving wheels and reduce the resistance for the junior's and women's teams to use in the same session.It can be expanded to have a statics gauge and a security cover if budget permit. Check it out !!

St Mary's College San Francisco

Golden Gate San Francisco, California 

Our sledge is much safer due to the engagement aid of the contact pad assembly. These pads are constructed of dual density foam that is very soft on initial contact and has a much stronger foundation layer that protects the pressure points on the player’s shoulders. Once the player's heads and shoulders have been guided to the proper position and pressure is being transmitted through the assembly, the energy is then absorbed by the air spring. The advantage of using an air spring is, when you first push it, it compresses easily, and the harder you push it, the harder it resists. This means that even if the trainer does not move, it allows for a cushioned platform that is always compressible, reducing the danger of compressive spinal injuries.

Another unique feature of the SafeSledge™ head design is adjustability

The pads can adapt in width by 12" for any size scrummager and also in depth by 12" for setting the tighthead up, for the most realistic and powerful engagement possible for your scrum.Since all the energy is captured in the air spring Scrummasters can take accurate measurement and record the force applied by the scrum as a group.Statistics are a great motivator and allow goals to be set and achieved and exceeded by the athletes.

New Digital Gauge System Option

In Order to make SafeSledge more Portable we have equipped it with a hydraulic lift assembly (Lift & Shift™)This allows the friction of the trainer to be adjusted to hold back the strongest pack of forwards and without changing the ballast levels. With the pull of a lever the drag can be released to allow movement for juniors, womens, and individual strength training.Lift & shift also make it easy to move the SafeSledge out on the practice pitch for full fifteen training and then shift it into the storage area or container

Lift & Shift™ Option

Security Cover Option

Protect your investment with this durable marine quality cover with stainless steel cord and lockSafety Checklist

  • stable platform for all level of players
  • controlled adjustable movement 
  • engagement aid contact head(air spring)
  • fully adjustable pads width and depth
  • no sharp pinch points
  • anti slip viewing platform
  • statistics to motivate and record improvements 
  • easy on playing pitches

The  SafeSledge™ trainer has been designed with attention to safety and has proven over time to be one of the most functional trainers available regardless of price. This trainer is the safest and most effective entry-level trainer available in the world today and works well for the absolute novice to the national level player.

  Satisfied customer Hi Kevin,Hope all is well..FYI, our scrum machine and rucker are awesome! This year our team won the gold medal in Ontario for our division of the Independent Schools league.. basically all of the schools in our division (very small schools.. and few in number) are in the same situation as us.. not enough guys to train against a complete pack.. we simply dominate scrums (and therefore other contact situations) due to proper body positioning and technique.. that your equipment has allowed us to easily work on!Thanks and have a great summer!Mark Schneider Albert College
Belleville, Ontario, Canada 

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Keywords: Container Lift, Cover Option, Density Foam, Digital Gauge, Gauge System, Hydraulic Lift,

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