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Rea c T ore ™ Club ™

Scrummaster's Club ™ delivers a resistance platform from which any team can practice all aspects of scrummaging. The Club ™ unique single caterpillar track provide absolute traction in all conditions without damaging the training service. The Club ™ specially designed Motion Control System ensures controlled movement only if the level of energy has to overcome is surpassed by the pack. In the energized mode when the pack hits the trainer it will react by applying more energy than they are exerting like a stronger opposition, with no movement this eccentric training makes the pack work under higher loads while hooking the producing the ball The Club ™ will give pressure readings making it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of individuals and combinations within the scrum. The Club ™ will only move at one pace, regardless of pressure, meaning that all teams at a club can use the machine, in quick succession, safely and productively. The Club ™ has a built-in Lift & Shift ™ which makes it possible to move the machine onto the practice ground for team drills or transport the machine to a secure storage area. The turf wheels are deployed in a matter of seconds. If it is equipped with the EasyTow ™ option it can be hooked up to a tow vehicle and on the highway to the next session in seconds.

Standard Option list

  • Single Caterpillar track, motion control for consistent, adjustable resistance regardless of ground conditions
  • PowerPack ™ with automatic pushback for strength training
  • Satistics Gauge for motivation
  • Fully adjustable contact head (Depth and Width) adjusts to any size or situation
  • Water Ballast 2 tonnes
  • Durable Allow construction


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ScrumOS TM programmed into a pnematic computer to fully automate the International and take advantage of its unique flexibility and range. Our automated modes standardize scrummaging sessions and produce accurate statistics building confidence and allowing goals to be set. Fully independent, articulating loosehead and tighthead pads simulate a live scrum with varying pressures, heights, and prop angles.


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Trainers are available fully customizable, with a number of options and four levels of trim, International?, (towable sledge based) and the models. Will compress not only back but also up or down, forcing the scrum to control the vertical movement rather than just leaning into it. It is a proven fact that when muscles are overloaded and they enter eccentric contraction that maximum strength gains are achieved.


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The wheels are deployed in a matter of seconds which makes it possible to move the machine onto the practice pitch for team drills or transport the machine to a secure storage area. This insures that the highest level of safety can be maintained with correct use of the equipment by educating coaches and players on safe effective scrummaging practices.


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With the pull of a lever the drag can be released to allow movement for juniors, womens, and individual strength training.Lift & shift also make it easy to move the SafeSledge out on the practice pitch for full fifteen training and then shift it into the storage area or container.