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By: Paradise Hills Ranch  09-12-2011
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Level 1 - Partnership Pack

The original Level 1 was launched over 5 years ago. Since then so much has changed.

  • New teaching techniques for horses & people.
  • Over 14 hours of DVD coaching.
  • 7 new Pocket Guides to guide and pace you.
  • More psychology
  • See Linda Parelli, Dr Stephanie Burns and students making progress

Our best success strategies for Level 1 ever!

Once you have the knowledge .. all you need now are the right tools.

Regular Price $229.50 - Special Price $99.00

Level 2 - Harmony Program DVD


After completing Level 1, the Parelli Level 2 Home-Study Program develops your confidence and independence with horses from the magic of playing at Liberty to riding as one with true Harmony. Includes: 8 Coaching DVDs (over 18 hours of coaching, demos and lectures); new Success Map; Program Guides; Dr. Burns book, Move Closer, Stay Longer; Savvy Arrow Cards; Lesson Cards and Special Tools.

Packs will not be opened to either remove or exchange Dr. Burns book Move Closer, Stay Longer.

Regular Price $279.50 -Special Price $99.00

Level 2 - Harmony Program VHS

If your horsemanship goals are to go beyond the New DVD, Level 2, this will help bridge the gap to Level 3 Refinement.

Contents - Audio Tape, Two Video Tapes, Introduction & Theory Book, 10 PocketGuides

How do you know if you have Harmony with your horse? Your frustrations are a thing of the past; you can start having more fun with your horse and exploring how much more you can achieve. You can communicate on longer lines, at greater distance, heading toward Liberty (Liberty: the thrill of playing with horses with no strings attached). You know how to develop impulsion - you can slow down the fast horse and energize the lazy one using communication without force. You are in tune with your horse - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Regular Price $199.00 - Special Price $79.00

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Keywords: Horse

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Paradise Hills Ranch, Lumby BC - special kits

Halter Sizes: Mini/Foal, Pony/Weanling, Arabian, Regular, Warmblood, Draft HalterColours: Black, Blue, Green, Red. Hackamore Sizes: Pony/Weanling, Arabian, Regular, Warmblood, Draft HalterColours: Black, Blue, Green, Red. Harmony Program, Natural Hackamore, 22' Rope. Level 2 Harmony Kit DVD.


Paradise Hills Ranch, Lumby BC - pads shims

The surface is made from rough-out suede, eliminating that 'slippery' feeling usually associated with riding bareback. The Bareback Pad cinches up like a saddle so it will not roll or slip .. The design is based on the rodeo rider's bareback rigging. Colours: Black, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, Green and Rust. D-ring and latigos for attaching a cinch.


Paradise Hills Ranch, Lumby BC - halters hackamores

ARAB: 13 hand petite Egyptian Arabs with a tea-cup nose, quarter horse-size yearlings.If your horse's nose is larger than your fist, a REGULAR halter is recommended.NOTE: The circumference of the nose piece is approx. The Natural Hackmore helps teach the horse to follow a feel before the bit is introduced or reintroduced, so he is ready to respond willingly and with understanding.


Paradise Hills Ranch, Lumby BC - ropes

The 22-foot Line enables more sensitive or frightened horses to drift and allows you to gain respect from greater distances in advanced ground skills. The 12-foot Horseman's Lead is the most efficient length for general horse handling and for communicating when teaching your horse the Seven Games. Extending your Carrot Stick, making the transition to riding bridle-less, riding with one rein, leading, tying.