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By: Paradise Hills Ranch  09-12-2011
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6-foot Savvy String

The 6-foot Savvy String has a thousand applications .. extending your Carrot Stick, making the transition to riding bridle-less, riding with one rein, leading, tying! Looped end for easy attachment and a latigo popper. You will need this right from the start. Level 1 and up.

The Carrot Stick is not included and must be purchased separately.

Please use the Honour system when ordering your rope colour.

Regular Price $17.95

12-foot Horseman's Lead

The 12-foot Horseman's Lead is the most efficient length for general horse handling and for communicating when teaching your horse the Seven Games. High quality horseman's braid, sturdy safety snap and a latigo popper on a weighted end for accurate handling. Level 1 and up.

Regular Price $53.95

22-foot Line

The 22-foot Line enables more sensitive or frightened horses to drift and allows you to gain respect from greater distances in advanced ground skills. Includes a 2-inch ring braided into one end which allows instant release and reinforcement when teaching horses to yield from pressure. High quality horseman's braid with carabiner clip (for attachment to the Halter) and a latigo popper. Level 2 and up.

Regular Price $66.95

The 45-foot Line is ideal for dealing with wild or unstarted horses as it allows the horse greater drift (it is also for higher levels of ground skills). The lay of this nylon lariat has been deliberately softened for horse handling. It has life, sensitivity and lightness and is fitted with a brass hondo for slip and release. Level 3 and up.

Regular Price $87.95

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Keywords: Horse

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