Golden/Orange hand crafted Raku Pottery

By: Golden Blossom Pottery  26-03-2011
Keywords: Fine Art, Pottery, Ornamental Pottery



Raku` is a method of firing developed during the 16 century. It was related to the Zen Tea Ceremony. The pots are fast fired and removed from the kiln while still red hot (1700), then they are quickly deprived of oxygen by smothering the pot using hay, dung or sawdust. The unpredictable variables involved in the post firing process gives each Raku` pot its own unique character. Raku` fired pots are porous, naturally cracked and at times the smoke residue is left on to enhance its appearance, therefore Raku` is not recommended for food use. The black, (carbon) will fade over time in strong light.

Enjoy your pot.

Keywords: Fine Art, Ornamental Pottery , Pottery, Raku Pottery