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By: V3 Mediaworks  09-12-2011

Organic Skin Care

Natural, Innovative, Organic, Authentic, Effective

Jane Iredale mineral powders have changed the perception of make-up. They have become an integral part of patient care world wide in Dermatologists Offices because of their benefits to the skin and their ability to conceal almost any distraction. Known as 'The Skin Care Makeup' they are a foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen all in one. Jane Iredale is Certified Organic, and is recognized by the Cancer Society as an appropriate sunscreen.

Advanced skin care products designed to deliver radiant skin.

This internationally world-renowned line of cosmetics is bridging the gap in the fields of medicinal and pharmaceutical origins. For over 45 years, Guinot Paries is distributed in more than 11,000 salons and spas in 70 countries. It's President, Dr. Jean-Daniel Mondin, works in close collaboration with specialists in the medical field. The effectiveness of the nutritional complexes contained in Guinot products is tested in laboratories and hospitals.

The Lipo Dermo Sculpting to get rid of persistent cellulite

The Lipo Dermo Sculpting is a unique technique that combines three essential slimming actions in a single movement:

  • The Lipo-sculpting physically breaks down cellulite appearance.
  • The Enrichment Rolling enhances effectiveness of serums.
  • The Muscle Stimulation visibly firms the skin and helps drain water from cutaneous tissue.

Phytomer is the first brand in the world to incorporate the benefits of the sea, a veritable source of life, energy and well-being, into modern cosmetology.

Phytomer uses unique conservation and extraction methods. Lyophilisation allows the seaweed and seawater structure composition to remain intact, thereby ensuring the quality of Phytomer products, while lixiviation guarantees the effectiveness of the products and the ability for the components to be tolerated by all skin types, regardless of the condition.

Organic Skin Care

Natural, Innovative, Organic, Authentic, Effective

A natural yet modern brand, Equavie is environmentally friendly, without neglecting enjoyment and performance. The brand gives preference to a variety of natural ingredients and offers 100% sensory bliss.Inspired by both the richness of Mediterranean gardens and the exceptional properties of fruits and grains, Equavie invites customers to a land of reassuring and authentic natural ingredients that encourage well-being.