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By: Wishbone  09-12-2011

Entering Your Dedication:

Select from standard plaques sizes 3"x 7", 3"x 8", 3.375"x 8" or 4"x 8".

Enter each line of your dedication as you would like it to appear.

Font sizes range from 28 (S) to 40 (XL). Depending on font size:

  • A 3" plaque can accommodate 3 or 4 lines of text.
  • A 4" plaque can accommodate 4 or 5 lines of text.
  • A 7" plaque can accommodate 20 - 24 letters and/or spaces per line.
  • A 8" plaque can accommodate 23 - 28 letters and/or spaces per line.

You may specify relative font sizes in brackets on each line (S), (M), (L), (XL).

Large fonts, extra letters or extra lines may require a larger plaque.

Optimal font size for plaque size will be selected during layout.

Choose text alignment - DO NOT use the tab or space key to centre text.

Enter special instructions (e.g. include a logo, custom size plaque, etc.).

Verify what you have entered for correctness.

We WILL NOT correct grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etc.

Approval of Proofs:

  • This process is to ensure accuracy and protects us and our customers.

  • A proof is a black and white picture of your dedication and layout.

  • We require your approval of a proof before we can process your order.

  • Please be sure the information that you submit is correct!

Our FREE proof is based on the information provided by you. We depend on our customers having a decisive idea of their dedication when placing an request. We anticipate minor adjustments may be required to spacing or alignment. Major revisions to the FREE proof may require a reprocessing fee.

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