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By: The Attic Experts  09-12-2011
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The Attic Experts
Complete Attic Restoration Package
Our trademark service, the Complete Attic Restoration Package is designed to transform your attic from an unlivable barren place into a secret hollow that adds value and charm to your home.

The Benefits

By allowing us to serve you, you get:

  • A more energy-efficient house - Heat is no longer lost in the attic, which can translate to a substantial cost savings on your future gas bills.
  • A cleaner environment for you and your family - A dirty attic can contain a multitude of air dangers including a potentially deadly chemical found in rat feces that is regularly circulated through your house via the heating system
  • An extra living space - Assuming the space is physically large enough, imagine what you could do with an extra room. Perhaps a room for a child, a den/home office, a comfortable place for your guests to stay when they visit.. The possibilities are endless!

Starting the Process

We begin by first taking measure of your attic; investigating how it can be improved. We will then sit down with you and make recommendations to how we can best provide you with service.

In choosing to go ahead, we will start by setting up a work schedule designed around your lifestyle. General jobs will take only a few days from start to finish.

The Real Work

Then the real work begins. We begin by vacuuming out the attic and removing all of the dust, animal feces, and old insulation that may be making you and your family sick. As well, we then sanitize your attic using an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution to eliminate any left over molds and fungus living in your attic.

After the vacuuming and sanitizing is completed, an expert will take a look at the ventilating system in the attic and bring it up to code, which for you means increased protection from molding of your roof (a very expensive proposition should your roof need premature replacing).

The next step in our process is to draft-proof the attic. This involves sealing all the penetrations including light fixtures to stop downdraft. The benefit of this is a more energy efficient and comfortable living environment.

After that, dust-free insulation is reblown into the needed spaces, we weather-strip the attic hatch and, if you have any fans in the bathroom and kitchen, we will wrap them in material to prevent water from leaking into these rooms.

And that's the process.. A complete attic improvement service done at a very reasonable cost.

Keywords: Insulation