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By: Rentalwire Entertainment  09-12-2011

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We are proud to offer full digital network consultation and installations. We design and develop all the content for the external network to build your business exposure throughout your local community. We also design and develop the content that you will run on your internal network. We support your marketing efforts to get you the best opportunity to develop your business.



Content Development


Network Management

Thanks to the possibility of real time broadcasting, the 100% Effort Digital Advertising solution offers you the chance to reach your target groups according to precise conditions, such as time and geographic location, and even unpredictable criteria such as weather conditions and the news.

Through deployment at points of sale, your ads have never been closer to your potential customers and products and services. This proximity allows you to conquer the target group by stimulating customers with the advertising message and guiding them towards a point of sale in direct proximity.

The ability of our advertising tool to accept a large range of digital formats has revolutionized production methods. For example, the advertising message may be fine-tuned or changed according to the time without entailing recurring production costs.

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