Clogged Toilet Repair

By: Mr Toilet Langley  13-11-2014
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Do you have a Clogged Toilet? There’s nothing worse than having a clogged toilet in your home, especially if you only have one toilet. When you’ve tried everything you can to unclog it yourself, and it’s not working, the easiest solution is to call Mr. Toilet and let us fix it for you immediately. At Mr. Toilet we use special tools to help unclog a toilet safely and quickly. Attempting to do this yourself can lead to more damage, if you’re unsure about how to proceed. Not only will we unclog the toilet, but we’ll ensure that your drains are also cleared of anything that could cause future clogs. The further the item that’s clogging your toilet goes down the drain pipe or out to the sewer line, the more expensive it will be to repair. That’s why it’s important to have a clogged toilet or blocked drain taken care of immediately. If you listen carefully you may hear noises in drain pipes that sound like gurgling, or when looking at your toilet you may see bubbles. Both of these are indications that the blocked toilet may be in your sewer pipes, and needs to be taken care of immediately. Our plumbers are specially trained to replace sewer lines if indicated, without having to dig up your ground, landscaping or driveway. Why Toilets Get Clogged If you have children in the house, it’s not unusual for us to find that children’s toys have been flushed down the toilet, and are now further down the drain. This will require special equipment to retrieve the objects. It’s unusual for us to find that root growth has caused a toilet to be blocked, and other drains in your home to backup, but it does happen and needs to be checked. Some of the reasons a toilet becomes clogged is: Too much toilet paper has been used. Someone has flushed female hygiene products. Cotton balls or swabs have been flushed. Flushing hair down the toilet. Both human and pet hair. Paper towels and sanitary wipes are flushed. Baby wipes – they build up over time if flushed. At Mr. Toilet we can help with any plumbing problem you have. We also carry a full line of the latest in toilet technology, and can quickly remove and install a state-of-the art toilet in your home in no time. Call us today. Whether Your Needs are Big or Small, You Can Count on Mr. Toilet We give you same day house calls. Professional & highly trained licensed plumbers. Appointment times that suit your schedule. Lifetime warranties on all installations. Upfront prices are guaranteed. Professionals that treat your home as if it was their own. Complete cleanup when the job is finished. We maintain an extensive inventory of parts. Your job is finished quickly. 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all work.

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