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By: Michael Mcivor  09-12-2011
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Cash Flow Property Analysis Reports

  • Welcome to time-saver central! Don't have time for the bus tours, but still want to build a rental property portfolio? All the properties have been viewed and analyzed for cash flow and ROI. Thats right, the work has been done for you! Each property report contains physical property information, lease amounts in place, what your payments would be, other carrying costs, how your carrying costs will change with how much you put down, and finally the bottom line of how much it will cost you to get into the property.There are several different packages to choose from. The value really starts to happen with monthly, quarterly, and annual packages.
  • Benefits of subscribing

    • Analysis is done for you by a Mortgage Professional
    • Reports Contain a complete overview of Property Income and Expense Statements
    • Each Property has been viewed by a member of our team
    • Property notes are made about state of property and what to expect for maintenance upcoming
    • Recommendations of how the specific property can fit your portfolio
    • Each Property Report contains Exit Stragety Recommendations
    • Lots of add-value included with monthly, quarterly, and annual packages (See package offerings)
    • Real, live, investment properties that can make you money
    • Most of all this is a massive time saver!

Keywords: Bus Tours, cash flow, investment properties