Ensuring Data Security | Discovery Software Ltd

By: Lee Purvis  09-12-2011

School administrators and IT personnel can feel confident that student and staff information is secure with Principalm+.

Data security is ensured with:

  • 128-bit AES encryption ensures that data cannot be retrieved without the password. The password is part of the encryption algorithm and is specifically set each time an SD card is generated.
  • Student data is NEVER sent to Discovery Software.
  • Custom configuration allows pre-defined number of password attempts, followed by either implementing a timed lockout or data deletion.

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Enhancing Student Connectedness | Discovery Software Ltd

Just by having Principalm+ on your handheld, you can easily start to remember and match student names and faces to each other and begin to create a connected school environment by just saying ‘hello’. Many students remain chronically disengaged from school with feelings of anonymity, bolstered by thoughts that teachers, and school staff members just don’t care.