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By: Langley Meals On Wheels  09-12-2011

For over 30 years Langley Meals on Wheels Society has been supporting residents who are incapable of preparing their own nutritional meals. We serve seniors and others whose lives have changed making them dependent on our volunteers to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Langley Meals on Wheels delivers fresh and frozen home-cooked meals to our clients at an affordable price.
We thank our many Private and Corporate donors who help us to continue to assist those less fortunate than ourselves …

In addition to nutritional affordable meals, Langley Meals on Wheels delivers:

• Regular, friendly social contact and interaction for seniors, disabled and other people who live alone
• Safety and Security. Our clients know that a friendly volunteer will check on their well being on delivery days and we will respond quickly if an emergency arises
• Independent Living. We give seniors and disabled people the ability to retain independence in the comfort of their own homes and in their own communities.
• Short Term Assistance. If life has changed due to surgery or a chronic illness we step in and provide comfort and on-going assistance.

Langley Meals on Wheels Society has been able to keep the cost of our meals low thanks to the help of our volunteers and our Private and Corporate Donors. Each nutritional meal includes soup an entrée, with potatoes, rice or pasta, vegetables and desert. The cost is currently only $5.50 per meal. We strive to make the cost of our meals reasonable and affordable. Prices are subject to change due to the cost of the food. Advance notification of any meal price increase will be given.

We serve seniors and others whose lives have changed making them dependent on our volunteers to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. We help people who have been affected by age, disability, illness, injury, surgery, or any other barrier.

Specifically people who:

• are unable to prepare an adequate meal for themselves
• have no one to prepare meals for them
• have inadequate cooking facilities
• have health and social needs that are defined by doctors, hospitals and Health and Social Services

Referrals mainly come from clients themselves, concerned family members and friends, but can also come from Doctors, Health and Social Services.

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Our nutritional meals are specially planned and prepared by the dietary and kitchen staff of the Gateway Of Hope and Jackman Manor in Aldergrove. Meals are picked up and delivered by dedicated volunteers who are eager to help provide this service.

Special diets are available, but individual likes and dislikes cannot always be accommodated. All meals are delivered hot in special equipment designed for Meals on Wheels. The meals are served in plastic, dishwasher-safe containers.
Meals should be eaten on arrival. If the food is to be eaten later in the day, please refrigerate the meal immediately. Do NOT cool the meal on the counter before putting it in the refrigerator.

Meals are delivered between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm weekdays. Please be sure to notify the office if you will not be home at the delivery time so other arrangements can be made for leaving your meal.

Meals may be cancelled by phoning 604-533-1679 by noon the day prior to delivery. All Meals not cancelled will be charged to the recipient with the exception of unforeseen medical issues.

Please note: there is NO delivery on Public Holidays, but we offer extra meals on the last delivery day before the holiday.

Payment is accepted by CHEQUE or CASH or MONEY ORDER. Sorry, no credit or debit cards. Monthly statements are delivered by our volunteers or mailed to you on the first delivery day after the end of the month.

Please make your cheques payable to: Langley Meals on Wheels

Payment in CASH: Please be sure that you have the correct amount as our volunteers do not carry cash to make change.

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