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By: Freybe  09-12-2011
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Made from 100% meat with no fillers, we use only freshly ground meat and quality spices for our delicious range of sausages. From traditional favorites like our Bratwurst, to more exotic fare like our Chorizo and Andouille sausages - on the barbeque or as part of your favorite recipe, we make mouthwatering sausages to satisfy any palate.

Most of our sausages are already cooked when they are packaged (unless the label specifies the product as being uncooked). This means our sausages simply need to be heated by your choice of grilling, barbequing or steaming.

Find more sausage products at your local grocer or deli.

Keywords: Local Grocer, Sausages,

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Freybe Gourmet Foods Ltd - Procucts

Freybe Back Bacon is a Canadian product made according to our Meisters’ craftsmanship. After deboning the pork loin cut, the product is spiced, injected and tumbled. The bacon is cooked and smoked using beech wood chips. Find more bacon products at your local grocer or deli.


Freybe Gourmet Foods Ltd - Products - salami

With many delicious varieties available, our salami is produced according to traditional European methods. The result is firm salami with tastes that are both rich and pleasant – without being too tangy. We mix carefully selected chopped pork with the finest salt and spices. Find more salami products at your local grocer or deli.


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The result is a superior piece of meat with a clean, unique taste that distinguishes our products from any you’ve ever tasted before. To tenderize the Pork, Beef and Poultry specialties, the meat is slowly massaged, carefully baked, and then smoked. Our high-end quality whole muscle items are made from carefully trimmed lean meat cuts.


Freybe Gourmet Foods Ltd

From mouthwatering sausages to delectable deli meats, we use only the finest cuts and imported spices to craft quality foods worthy of the Freybe name, and your table. Naturally low in carbohydrates, Freybe meat products are both lactose free and gluten free, with no liquid smoke or mechanically separated meat.


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Naturally Freybe products are hand crafted by our Meisters and Associates, with commitment to ingredients, animal health and welfare, food safety, sustainability and our environment. Naturally Freybe is the healthy choice for eating and living well.