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"Dear Bob,
Just want to say "Thank you" very much for the piano!! It is beautiful!! My husband and I love it and the kids even spend more time on it than they did on the old one. Again, thank you, thank you!!!"

- In Chang, Edmonton, AB

A Word About Yamaha Pianos

Unlike most manufacturers, Yamaha takes a total approach to piano-making: it retains complete control over virtually every component at every stage of production; even to the point of building the manufacturing equipment. Rather than assembling pianos from parts produced by outside companies or contracting with third parties to build its pianos, Yamaha designs, tests, evaluates and manufactures all major components by themselves.

Another key advantage to Yamaha is the extent of the company's expertise in related technologies. With well-established credentials in fields such as metallurgy, chemistry and electronics as well as more obvious areas like acoustics and woodworking, Yamaha leverages extensive internal resources to raise the standards of piano-making. The results of this inter-disciplinary approach are a steady stream of innovations and better musical instruments.

At Fraser Piano we carry only premium quality grade A pre owned Yamaha and Kawai Pianos from Japan. Japanese pianos have long since earned their reputation for being reliable long lasting instruments that have been recommended by most music teachers and technicians for worldwide for decades.

About Pre-Owned Yamaha Pianos

There’s no question that Yamaha's number one competitor is the used Yamaha pianos available on the market today.
Yamaha has produced a large quantity of very good quality mid-priced pianos over the years, and, through their quality instruments have also done a fabulous job of gaining the support and respect of pianists, teachers and technicians around the world. However, this very success is biting back at them in that the plethora of used Yamaha pianos available in Japan is coming across the water into the North American and European market. Many of these pianos have been meticulously reconditioned in sophisticated facilities in Japan and can barely be distinguished from new.

"On behalf of LCC International University situated in Klaipeda, Lithuania, I would like to thank you for making arrangements to have a Steigerman Grand Piano shipped to our university. The piano that we acquired at Steigerman Music in Langley arrived in Klaipeda in excellent shape and condition. The university is very pleased with the performance of the piano, and looks forward to sharing it with the university community as well as with the broader Klaipeda community. LCC frequently hosts world-class musical events and we are excited and grateful to have a piano of such excellent quality to offer our students as well as the many music lovers in the local community. It is without a doubt the newest and highest performing grand piano in the region.
Thank you again for your tireless work and assistance in purchasing and shipping the piano overseas on our behalf."

- Rene Neumann, LCC International University

In Japan people tend to trade in their 20 year old piano for a new model and even discard used electronic equipment (that isn’t even that old) in favor of the latest hi-tech version. These pianos are now ending up in our market as well as other global markets. For much of Japan’s culture it is simply not acceptable to be seen with a lot of used merchandise. For the North American mind-set this seems foreign, since there is a huge amount of good quality merchandise of every description out there that is often in very excellent condition and available at prices that will leave lots of dollars in your jeans.

The abundance of used Yamaha pianos has become a real problem for most Yamaha dealers since they are now having to compete with other dealers in their market selling the same brand, albeit used. The only defense that most Yamaha dealers have is to find a way to discredit the value of these so called “grey market” Yamaha pianos. So if you were a new piano dealer, what would you tell someone that is thinking of buying a used piano, especially a used Yamaha.

You may be told that...."Well, it's 20 - 30 years old and has been in a damp climate so if you buy it, it is going to fall apart because the glue is going to fail and the tuning pins are going to become loose."

Or....." Didn’t you know that each Yamaha piano is produced for their particular destination in the world that they will be shipped to, so you don't want to buy one that has come from the wrong humidity zone."

Yamaha Canada has gone so far as actually putting a label inside the piano stating that the piano was built for the North American market. For anyone that has done thorough research on this subject it is not only laughable but outright absurd. If you go to any world biome chart you will quickly see that Canada has 5 different climates; “Grassland”, “Desert”, “Temperate Deciduous Forest”, Temperate Boreal Forest” and even “Tropical Rainforest.”  The U.S. has the same 5 plus the additional  “Chaparral” zone. It is impossible to have any manufacturer build pianos for each of these individual climates and have them all distributed out of one or two North American warehouses without any regard as to which unit is being shipped to which zone.

These words often frighten consumers, which is exactly their purpose.

I have only one intelligent response – “This is deceptive and dishonest and otherwise Nonsense”  Our family was the exclusive Yamaha distributor in Canada for 14 years and introduced Yamaha Pianos into this market back in 1960. Tens of thousands were sold in Canada during that tenure. I've been exposed and familiar with these pianos since then and for over 20 years now have observed the behavior of the used Japanese pianos in this country. Except for the occasional problem piano (which also includes those shipped to the Canadian Distributor) and some tuning pin correction in the very early beginning, they have performed and held up extremely well.

As a piano retailer of over 11 years and wholesale distributor of 25 years I have not only dealt with many customers that have purchased used Yamahas and Kawais but have talked to numerous other merchants across North America who have dealt with these used pianos as well and have been told they have been very satisfied with the performance. I can state honestly that the incidence of repair and adjustment on most of these pianos has been very minimal and in keeping with industry standards or better.

So if you're looking at used Yamaha pianos from anywhere in the world, I recommend them. It’s just reassuring to get at least a 2 year warranty on them....we give a minimum of 5 years . As long as the dealer is reputable you will enjoy your used Yamaha for longer than you or your kids will ever need it.

How We Select Our Pre-Owned Yamaha Pianos

We select pianos based on the overall quality and especially the dynamic range.
The piano action must be clean, fully functional and without any broken parts. All action parts must be ORIGINAL or better aftermarket parts that are proven to enhance the performance of the piano.
The cabinet must be in excellent or close to new condition.
Tuning pin torque must be in the acceptable range according to industry standards and  not loose.
Tenor and bass strings must NOT be rusty. Bass strings must not sound dead.
Tonal color must be Warm, Lush, Brilliant and yet Singing, with a wide, controllable dynamic range.
In summary: The quality and condition of materials used and the care and attention to detail taken in the construction and restoration of these handpicked pianos are very high. Our pre-owned Yamaha pianos look and perform, for the most part, like new pianos, and sometimes even better.

5 Year Guarantee

"Hi Bob,
Once again, thank you for recommending a beautiful sounding piano and for all your time and effort to get the piano delivered all the way to Courtenay. I know I will enjoy the Palatino piano for many years. I will definitely recommend Fraser piano to anyone who wants a great quality and great priced piano.

I can't wait until the piano is fine tuned and I hope you had a nice trip despite the long day."

- Chichi, Courtenay BC

We guarantee that the pianos we sell to you will be free from any defects in materials and workmanship, except for normal wear and tear and abuse and provided the instrument is not exposed to extremes of heat and humidity and is maintained at regular intervals. We will repair any defects or parts during the guarantee period. The piano comes with a free in-home tuning and a pre-delivery preparation. This includes polishing the cabinet, brass components, keyboard and minor adjustments of the piano's touch and tone according to YOUR preference.

Representing the line of Professional Studio uprights, the 121cm tall U1(also called MC10/U10BL) is the most popular and best selling piano of all time to come out of Asia. Teachers, professional musicians and technicians can attest to the quality, tone and touch of this brilliant instrument. You will find this very piano in most music studios and in countless homes. This piano has been dubbed the original "examination model" and has left nearly ALL piano manufacturers trying to copy its design to date.

The 121cm range includes the YUS, UX1, UX10 and the WX1.

The Yamaha U3 (also called the U30BL) is the U1's bigger brother with longer strings and a larger soundboard area. This contributes to a more powerful bass, warm lush tenor and a brilliant treble. This model used when more power and projection is needed and is commonly known as the "upright grand" because the speaking length of it's strings are similar to that of a Yamaha Baby Grand.

Tip: They are only $300-$600 more than a U1 when purchased used, as opposed to a price difference of $2000-$3000 when bought brand new.

The Yamaha Concert Professional Upright series-

The Yamaha "X" series Professional Upright Pianos are for those who want a serious upright piano replacement for their small grand. These pianos represent a significant jump over the U1 and U3 models. They have a star shaped back frame to better balance the overall tension. Hammers are made of a higher quality felt from both Yamaha and Renner of Germany, and the scaling of the strings are a slight improvement from the U series pianos. The action has a more precise feel to it, contributing to a more lively and controlled response. There is a tone escapement slot in the front cover of the cabinet for increased clarity.

Yamaha Pianos of the 131cm range include the X, YUA, YUX, UX, UX3, UX30 and the WX3

All  Yamaha piano models have historically proven to be extremely stable and virtually maintenance free apart from yearly tunings and a minor regulation/voicing every few years.

Palatino pianos have built a solid reputation in the piano industry because of their remarkable value, outstanding quality and classic designs.

Palatino has set a new standard when it comes to showing us how much value you can actually get for your dollar. Chinese pianos have been arriving into the North American market now for over 10 years but most have not met the standards of discerning teachers, technicians and pianists. Palatino has raised the bar right from the beginning. Larry Fine, author of the renowned “Piano Book” has even stated that Palatino pianos are “well prepared with good quality control”. Palatino dealers are amazed how little preparation these pianos require right out of the box. Palatino pianos are built using the latest in computer technology for highly accurate, consistent results. With the use of high-quality German as well as Toyo CNC routers from Japan for woodwork and metal manufacturing, the tolerances of each instrument is tight and accurate, allowing perfect symmetry in tone. Many manufacturers either make all components on their own or simply default to the lowest bidder. This is fine if price is the only consideration. Palatino, on the other hand, imports high quality components from Europe, Japan, Canada and the U.S. The Palatino piano is truly a global piano. It is manufactured in China and uses components from around the world, including Imadegawa hammers from Japan, Abel hammers from Germany, Mapes bass strings from the U.S., Roslau steel strings from Germany and an Italian keyboard, with Renner-style action. Palatino continues to impress players with new styles and upgraded features. Grand pianos are crafted for all performance environments. Upgraded features on select verticals include 6 back posts (very rare), AAA solid spruce soundboard from Canadian White Spruce, Abel hammers from Germany, reinforced keyboard action, bass agraffes and some models full 88 note agraffes. With the highly affordable price, excellent parts and an innovative construction process, Palatino creates the finest world-class pianos. The grand pianos continue Palatino’s signature of excellent. For home or professional use, Palatino offers everything you’ve been looking for in an incredible sounding piano. More info:

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