By: Brigitta  09-12-2011
Keywords: Property Management


Buyers are searching for Business Opportunities that can provide security, financial independence and the piece of mind that comes from controlling their own destiny.

We assist Buyers in:

  • Matching their interests, goals and desires with the right business.
  • Structuring the transaction using experience and know-how.
  • Providing access to a wide variety of businesses for sale including start-up support.
  • Supporting the transaction from beginning to end.
  • Coordinating the documentation including Accountants, Solicitors, Landlords and other related parties necessary contributions.
  • Identifying financing options.


We are Specialists in selling small to medium sized Businesses and Investment properties throughout British Columbia, Canada. We are prepared to expand all necessary efforts to obtain the best possible terms and price for you.

The following are some of the highlights of our commitment to you:

  • We prepare a Business Profile that will clearly explain your business to interested Buyers.
  • We guide you in pricing your Business using a variety of widely accepted valuation methods as well as our knowledge of the market.
  • We protect your valuable relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, creditors and shareholders during the selling process.
  • We carefully screen, identify and qualify potential Buyers to ensure that financial, personal and skill criteria are met before any introduction is made.
  • We answer questions, identify alternatives and work out details throughout the entire process.
  • We maintain a professional atmosphere and facilitate meaningful and effective negotiations.

By engaging our services you can USE OUR TIME NOT YOURS. You can continue your business without interruption while we handle all phases of the transaction including telephone inquiries, buyer qualifying, touring your business and working with Accountants, Solicitors, Landlords and other related parties.




As Property Manager I strive to manage the property in such a way that, while keeping the Landlord's interest at heart, maximum enjoyment is created for the tenants so that they are willing to pay maximum rent for the use of the property. In this context, the main objective of a Property Manager is to assist the Landlord in achieving his or her investment objectives by providing quality professional Property Management by:

  • Obtaining or maintaining maximum revenue from the property under the guidelines provided by the Landlord; or keeping the operating expenses at a minimum;
  • In as far as is possible, satisfying the Landlord's and the Tenant's non-financial objectives; and
  • Maintaining the positive characteristics of the property.

These objectives can be met with good organization and tight control of all administrative functions of Property Management.


My primary responsibility is to the Landlord and the secondary responsibility is to the Tenant. Within the term of the lease, both the Landlord and the Tenant will seek and expect certain rights and benefits. The relationships the Property Manager has with Landlords and with the Tenants is crucial in forming the expectations of both parties to the lease. Some of the basic duties and responsibilities include:

  • Timely preparation and submittal of all pertinent documentation;
  • accurate verification of all tenancy applications;
  • timely rent collection and payments;
  • accurate record keeping;
  • maintaining current rent information;
  • regular inspection and maintenance reviews;
  • immediate response to repair requests by Tenants; and
  • efficient communication to all parties.

Keywords: Property Management