Brac Grey Water Recycling Systems - products

By: Bracsystems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Toilets

Brac Systems would like to introduce you to our large range of products for the treatment, recycling and harvesting of blackwater, greywater and rainwater.

Blackwater Treatment System.

The BWTS (Black Water Treatment System) is the latest innovative product researched and developed by Brac System with a view to ending the reliance on the antiquated and ineffectual septic system.

The BWTS is a fully biological Blackwater Treatment System for the treatment of domestic wastewater based on the proven SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) process successfully employed in large scale wastewater treatment plants.

Greywater Recycling.

Brac Systems has been providing greywater recycling systems for over six years and have an extensive range of products for residential, semi-commercial and commercial applications.

The RGW, SGW and CGW range of greywater recycling systems can reduce water consumption by up to thirty percent by reusing bath, shower and hand sink water to supply toilets.

Rainwater Harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting systems are primarily used for the collection and storage of rain water for irrigation but can also be used to supply water for flushing toilets.

The RWH range of rainwater harvesting systems can reduce the reliance of potable water for irrigation or toilet flushing by utilizing natural rain fall or air-conditioning condensate water.

Keywords: Toilets