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By: Best Marriages Coaching  09-12-2011
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Before seeing a counselor you may want to know what to expect…

If not you can book now by simply going to the us page.  Do you wonder how solid your relationship really is? If so take our

It is normal to be a bit apprehensive to give marriage counselling a try so if you want to know more about how marriage and couples counselling works read further and we will try to ease you in…
Listen to Darren and Lawrence talk about what causes divorce!

What is couples counseling like?

One more thing…

Do you fear a therapist trying to get into your head and point out all your failings or dig up every past issue you have ever had?  This is not going to happen! It is not helpful; we are more like marriage coaches than therapists. We are in your corner so to speak as you talk to each other not us!  We do not allow couples to just vent out all their feelings, we do not take sides and we do not make you feel like you are being analyzed Freud style on the couch.  Couples constantly leave saying that was not as bad as we thought and we actually got closer by talking through that “elephant in the room” type issue.  This is because we use strategies that work and provide the framework for positive conversations.

If you are still wondering; “What is this all about and how does the Gottman Couples Therapy really work?” watch this Kiro TV documentary on the Gottman”s.

The following example is one of our programs for helping couples.

The Extreme Marriage Makeover program is designed as a sample of what is involved in coming to relationship couples counseling. This is just a sample and some couples do not need this level of intensity and others need more.  We make no attempt to keep you coming once your relationship seems to have landed on solid ground, however we do recommend not just seeing this as a quick fix. Remember most of you gradually spiraled into this situation and you will gradually work your way out of it.  The motto is “Small things often create BIG results!!!”

Keywords: couples therapy, marriage

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Couples who have already determined to leave their relationship and cannot commit to the therapy process are unlikely to derive significant benefit from this process, and are therefore not candidates for this type of therapy. Arrangements can be made with one of our Certified Gottman Therapists to provide extended sessions consisting of several hours or occurring over several consecutive days to provide Intensive Marathon Therapy.


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These surprisingly simple secrets of a successful marriage are based on three decades of research by leading relationship expert Dr. John Gottman. In-depth relationship assessment based on Gottman’s bestselling book “The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work.. Interpretation of your unique Relationship Personality Assessment to help you learn to love your differences.


Gottman Level 2 , Vancouver- Best Marriages

You will receive personalized coaching from Darren and Lawrence and from Senior Certified Gottman Therapists as you participate in experiential exercises and learn how to incorporate the research-based Assessment and Intervention Methods into your clinical practice. This workshop is open to anyone wanting to learn skills to work with couples using the Gottman method and is also a prerequisite to the Gottman Certification Level 3.