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By: Amb Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Toner Manufacturing

How can we help you?1. Providing you with the needed equipment and know-how
2. Helping you with the installation of the line
3. Supplying you with raw materials or semi-finished toner products
4. Assisting you with the marketing of your finished toner products.Toner Manufacturing Process:

Step #:1 Compounding:
Raw materials are manually fed on to rolls, melted by front steam-heated-roll, mixed, dispersed, and calendered into sheet which will be pulled out manually onto long working table for cooling.Step #: 2 Pre-Grinding:
Material sheet formed by roll mill is broken into chips, fed into pre-grinder to be pre-ground to sizes, normally 1-3 mm.

Step #: 3 Grinding:
Pre-ground material is fed into grinder by eductor air conveying system, entrained into 100 psig opposed jet grind air, impact with one another and broken into particles.Right size particles are then classified by strip air and classifier RPM and collected by product cyclone. Larger particles will be rejected by classifying wheel and ground again.Step #: 4 Classifying:
Ground material is fed by volumetric feeder into classifier where fine particles are separated, collected by fine cyclone and product collected by product cyclone and hopper (Base Product).

Step #: 5 Post Mixing:
Base product, additives are fed into high insensitive, high speed mixer where they are fluidized. Fluidized mixing allows all particles to move freely regardless of size, density or coefficient of friction. Fluidization combined with vortex flow pattern will give a fast, homogenized batch of final product.Step #: 6 Quality Control

  • Particles sizes

  • Static charge

  • Printing quality

  • Adhesion

  • Life test

Step #: 7 Packaging

  • Filling:

  • Packing

Keywords: Toner Manufacturing

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