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By: Aim Grating  09-12-2011

Coming Soon: Residential basement window well grates

Airport and Ditch Inlet Grates conforming to Federal, State, and Provincial requirements. Transport Canada drawings and

The open pattern of these gratings is ideally suited for Bascule or lift bridges with their high strength to weight ratio and up to 80% free air passage. There are several different styles available each offering their particular advantages. Borden's Rectangular Roadway Gratings are the most economical style available, offering the highest free area passage. Borden's Riveted Roadway Gratings provide Engineers with additional lateral support with the truss action provided by the crimp. The crimp can be raised slightly to provide an uninhibited, comfortable smooth ride. Borden's I-Bar Roadway Gratings provide the highest strength to weight ratio of all the Roadway Products. Borden's I-Bar Roadway Gratings are made in several varieties, such as the Rectangular Roadway, the R/W-I (with the truss like crimp), and the concrete filled.