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By: Accutek Industries  09-12-2011
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With its modern Cincinnati laser equipped with a 2000 watt Rofin Sinar resonator, Accutek Industries Ltd., can satisfy its clients' every cutting requirement. Although the resonator is only 2000 watts, the laser center's technology is so advanced that its capability is equivalent to 3000 watt laser machines produced by others.

Accutek can produce accuracies of up to .002" with a repeatability of 98.7%. The resonator has a wide power range from 50 watts to 2150 watts making it one of the most versatile laser centers in the industry. Accutek can process 1/2" Carbon Steel as easily as cutting .003" paper.

Design and shape of the part to be processed is of no consequence to Accutek™ laser center. Whether a simple 3 or four sided figure or multi vector artistic creation, whether on paper or electronically drawn, our experienced engineers can program the machine to cut the profile in the most economical fashion with utmost material conservation. Some of the materials that Accutek can process with it laser center are listed below:

All grades of Carbon Steel up to 1/2" thickness
Stainless steel up to 3/8" thickness
Aluminium up to 3/16" thickness
All plastics up to 1" thickness
Composite Boards up to 1" thickness
All types of ply wood and boards up to 1" thickness
All types of wood up to 1" thickness

In order to render a very versatile and complete service to its clients, Accutek has acquired one of the most up to date and power full press brakes in the area. The machine is a fully automatic Cincinnati 350 ton brake with 14 foot bed, 12 foot 7 inches between the posts and 5 axis CNC back gauge and ram control.

Accuracies of .0004” can be achieved with this machine with a repeatability of 99%. The ram is equipped with speed control thus small item large number production runs can be produced as economically as on much smaller brakes while maintaining the ability of producing much heavier parts.

No minimum thickness applies to this machine, however the list below is an indication of some of the maximum thicknesses, lengths of bend and flange dimensions.

Material Thickness Length Flange Dim.
Carbon Steel Up To .500" 16 feet 16"
Carbon Steel Up To .625" 12 feet 7 inches 8 feet
Carbon Steel Up To .750" 9 feet 8 feet
Carbon Steel Up To 1" 4 feet 8 feet

Keywords: Carbon Steel, laser