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Intel Reader « AbleTech Assistive Technologies Inc.

Product Overview

The Intel® Reader enhances independence for people with visual impairments, blindness, or reading-based learning disabilities by providing convenient and flexible access to a variety of printed materials. The Intel® Reader’s unique design combines a high-resolution camera with the power of an Intel® AtomTM processor that converts printed text to digital text, then reads it aloud. With the Intel Reader, people can:

  • Gain more freedom with the ability to read printed materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility, using the Intel Reader to access a wide variety of printed materials and to read and manage content in the ways that are most convenient for them.
  • Gain independence, privacy and confidence by handling reading tasks for themselves, without having to wait for assistance.
  • Increase productivity and achieve more with fast, efficient access to the printed information they need at work or school and in their daily lives.

Intel Reader Features

The Intel Reader gives people convenient and flexible access to
a variety of printed materials. Its features include:

Easy-to-use Design

The Intel Reader is easy to use. Simply point, shoot and listen to printed text such as schoolwork, printed work documents, magazines, mail, cookbooks and more. Easy-to-locate buttons, audio and visual navigation, and straightforward menus make it easy to locate the functions users need.

Convenient Mobile Reading

Weighing just over a pound and about the size of a paperback book, the Intel Reader provides all the power of a bulky PC and scanner in a convenient size for work, school, home, or on the road. The Intel Reader fits easily in a purse or backpack and is ideal for reading on the go, with a sturdy magnesium case and generous battery life. Point-shoot-listen mode enables reading in a variety of locations, from work and school to shopping or travel, making it easy to read signs, product labels, concert programs, guidebooks and other text on the go, and the earphones allow private listening, clearly and discretely, without disturbing others.

Convenient Bulk Capture for Large Documents

The Intel® Portable Capture Station is used with the Intel Reader to quickly and conveniently capture large amounts of text for school, work or pleasure. The sturdy, portable stand enables complete, rapid text capture, holding the camera to help capture books, magazines, newspapers, and other documents. A transparent film holds books flat for easy capture, and the large, easy-to-find capture button on the base helps users quickly capture lots of pages. It folds up into a convenient briefcase size for use at home, work or school. The Intel Portable Capture Station is usually sold separately from the Intel Reader.

Content Management Features
Content and Playback Choices

The Intel Reader can store and play back a wide choice of content. The Intel Reader will play most content, including MP3, DAISY* books and even text transferred from a PC, as well as MP3 or WAV music files. It can also generate audio versions of printed materials, such as MP3s, that can be played on most digital music players or computers. Users can play back content with lifelike voices, selecting gender, pitch, and speed to suit their personal preferences. A USB connection makes it easy to transfer files to or from a personal computer or USB drive.

Keywords: Large Documents, Printed Text,

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