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By: Wifusion  09-12-2011

  • Product architecture and design
  • Analog, Digital and RF
  • PCB layout, fabrication and assembly - possibly offshore
  • Programming - Assembler to TCP/IP (internet) and web
  • Enclosures and packaging
  • Injection Molding, Extrusion, Machining, Sheet Metalwork
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • Mechanical and Industrial Design
  • Product Ruggedization - Environment Proofing
  • User Manuals and Marketing Collateral
  • Functional and Design spec creation
  • Collaborative Technology Transfer - Explicit and Transparent training
  • Certification - FCC, DOC, UL, CSA, environmental (shake and bake), etc
  • Battery operated products - microwatts to kilowatts
  • Motor / Motion control
  • Antennas
  • USB - wireless USB
  • Wireless links - GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Mesh, unlicensed long range, etc.
  • WiFusion - replacing wired connections with radio transceivers
  • Risk mitigation in development, liability and reliability during ownership
  • By the day or fixed cost arrangements
  • Security of Propriety Information by NDA (non disclosure agreement)
  • Customer ownership of patent opportunities
  • Proof of concept
  • IRAP and SRED applications and reports
  • Project management
  • Integration into customer development team
  • Quality Assurance ISO 9001 - 2001/8 integration
  Don't worry if you don't recognize some of the abbreviations. Even though your product may involve the technology they infer, that's where we come in. We know what technology to use, what certifications you will need to sell or export your product, and where and how to get your certification completed. For start-ups a couple of those abbreviations can mean significant financial savings. IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) and SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) are federal programs that provide cash back to you to defer some of the research and development costs. These programs can make a significant dent in costs. They require that the work is performed in a professional manner and appropriate reports generated. We have extensive experience with these programs and can assist you in making the proposals and completing the required reports. The programs help towards cost of equipment, labour, proof of concept work and prototypes, and can cover up to 68% of consulting costs.  

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