By: Grade-ex Earth Works  09-12-2011
Keywords: Asphalt roads, Recycled Asphalt, Fabric Underlay

Our customers are industrial, commercial and residential clients with needs ranging from a simple driveway resurfacing with recycled asphalt or complete new construction of a 10 acre parking lot. 

Our specialty is building Recycled Asphalt roads and yards.  How does this work?   Initially we assess your project by looking at the primary use, drainage, soft spots, and material composition.  With this information we figure how to best reconstruct your existing yard.  This may involve digging out soft spots, reshaping drainage, filling in holes, etc.   Then once the sub-grade is level we begin overlaying with recycled asphalt. 

We chose to use Recycled Asphalt because it bonds sufficiently, does not get muddy when it rains (you get a cleaner shop) and it reduces our and your impact on the environment.  Recycled Asphalt..

  • Reduces landfill waste.
  • Recycles a non-renewable resource.

In addition to building Recycled Asphalt road ways.  Our company specializes in new road/yard construction, excavating, grading, hauling, and landscaping.   These task may use techniques like Geo-textile fabric underlay.   Fabric underlay is a technique used for customers whose road/yards are prone to soft spots.  This fabric membrane works like a blanket that holds the gravel above to create a soft spot free road/yard.

Keywords: Asphalt roads, Fabric Underlay, Recycled Asphalt,