Biorock & Geoflow-wastewater & septic systems in BC & Canada

By: Wastewater Bc  09-12-2011

GeoflowTM is a disposal system for primary or secondary treated effluent, which provides environmentally sensitive disposal options and promotes landscape control, natural vegetative growth and sensitive habitat protection. It is useful in areas that have limitations of soil depth, high groundwater conditions and aesthetic concerns re. garden or forested terrain.

In addition, this system is ideal for areas that are steeply sloped with adequate native, stabilizing vegetation, where machinery is not an option. The disposal rate reduces water usage which could jeopardize the stability of susceptible slopes.Geoflow products contain nano-ROOTGUARD® and GeoshieldTM. Geoshield is an anti-microbial which has been found to be effective in preventing a slime build–up inside the wasteflow tube. nano-ROOTGUARD®, through a unique marriage of polymer and root-growth inhibitor, establishes a barrier zone where plant roots cannot grow.These patented technologies completely solve root intrusion and biological plugging problems for subsurface drip applications. For research reports, articles, and product information to evaluate the advantages and limitations of subsurface drip for use in agriculture, turf and landscaping, and wastewater dispersal or re-use applications, provides an excellent website.For a more detailed explanation, download a in pdf format (4 pages).