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Cranbrook Physiotherapy Clinic is the largest provider of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in the Kootenays. We have been serving the community for over 35 years.

Programs & Services

Physiotherapists are the "body movement experts". We help people of all ages gain movement function lost due to injury or disease. Physiotherapists are able to perform a thorough assessment of your body and design an individualized treatment program to speed your recovery.

A physiotherapist is a university trained professional with expert knowledge in the complex interaction of all your body's moving parts. They offer a hands on approach to assessment and treatment. They will also teach you how to maintain your highest level of function through exercise, changes to your work habits and home treatment strategies.

Physiotherapists at Cranbrook Physiotherapy Clinic and Kimberley Rehabilitation Centre can help keep you moving by reducing your pain, improving strength and flexibility and teaching you how to keep it that way.

At Cranbrook Physiotherapy Clinic and at Kimberley Rehabilitation Centre our physiotherapists practice anatomical acupuncture by inserting needles into specific points on the body. Our physiotherapists use single use sterile disposable needles. They are fully trained professionals that follow the appropriate techniques and are certified with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the body to produce its own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals mimic morphine by attaching to opiate receptors sites found throughout the nervous system. Endorphins help block the pathways that relay pain messages from the body to the brain resulting in relief of pain, general relaxation and biochemical restoration of the body's own internal regulation systems.

By the insertion of needles, on specific points on the body acupuncture affects the functioning of the hormonal system, promotes a decrease in inflammation, increased circulation and relief from pain.

Many people see a significant difference within two to three treatments but some take longer to respond, perhaps 5 or 6 sessions, depending on the condition being treated.

Generally treatments every second day (Mon, Wed and Fri) would be considered frequent treatment. Maintenance treatments could range from weekly to monthly or when symptoms begin to recur.

Acupuncture is usually a comfortable treatment. Needles are very fine, metallic and as thin as a hair, making them quite painless upon insertion. Everyone experiences acupuncture differently, but most feel no pain or very minimal pain as the needles are inserted. You may experience a mild aching sensation or warmth around the needle site.

Do I have to believe in Acupuncture for it to work?
No. However, a positive attitude towards wellness may reinforce the effects of any type of treatment. A negative attitude will not block the effects.

Kimberley Rehabilitation Centre now offers aquatic rehabilitation. Karen Cornish has certification in aquatic rehabilitation and is able to offer exercise programs in the water designed to optimize your physical condition.This one-on-one water-based program is conducted by a licensed physiotherapist with special training in hydrotherapy.

Movement in the water is easier than on land, and there are many benefits - improved joint movement, muscle and core strengthening, better balance, general fitness, pain and swelling relief, overall relaxation, and just general fun! Ability to swim is not required. This program is ideal for people with arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, neurological conditions, sports injuries, or post surgery, especially post total joint replacements. Contact our Kimberley office to book with Karen.


Kinesiologists are an important part of the Cranbrook Physiotherapy Clinic team.

Bobbi Lalach is a registered kinesiologist and graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She teaches classes on core stabilization and pilates to increase peoples functional abilities. She also uses medical exercise therapy and the Nor-am equipment to work on specific areas of weakness or injured areas.

Kinesiologists are human movement specialists offering a wide variety of assessments and services to the public to assist with both injury/illness prevention and injury management. Their practice is based on the core sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and psychomotor behaviour.

Kinesiologists work in the fitness industry, clinically, and in industrial environments they work with individuals with disabling conditions to assist in regaining their optimal physical function. This can occur in their home, fitness facilities, rehabilitation clinics, or at the worksite.

Kinesiologists are involved in consulting with industry to identify hazards and provide recommendations and solutions to optimize the health and safety of workers. They can recommend and provide a plan of action to return an injured individual to their optimal function in all aspects of life.

Steven Baker, MSW, RSW, RRP

At Cranbrook Physiotherapist Corporation we offer services relating to Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling.

Steven has extensive skills working with chronic pain sufferers, brain injury survivors and other individuals and families that have been affected by a catastrophic injury and illness. As a member of our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, Steven will provide individually tailored assessments, counselling and case management services to meet the needs of clients and sponsoring agencies.

Rehabilitation Services are geared toward the individual needs of each Claimant relevant to medical status and employment history.

You can contact Steve Baker by calling Cranbrook Physiotherapy Clinic (250)-426-7097 or (250) 427-6068 (Cell)

"Going the Distance for Your Feet"

Your feet are quite often the most under appreciated area of your body until something goes wrong. When a simple task like putting your feet on the floor in the morning hurts it is time to show your feet some love.

Our professional staff will assess your feet with a number of physical tests to determine the source of your discomfort. From the initial assessment your physiotherapist may determine that a custom fit foot orthotic may be a vital component of your recovery planning.

The FOOTMAXX™ system uses a dynamic computerized weight sensing platform that analyses critical components of the gait cycle and compares the results to expected normal values. The results are instantly displayed on the computer screen and your physiotherapist is trained to explain the results to you. By understanding the reason for the pain you become empowered to help direct your own recovery.

If an orthotic is needed, we prescribe an orthotic that is very thin and light weight. They fit discreetly into most types of shoes. Some conditions we have successfully treated with orthotics and physiotherapy intervention include: shin splints, achilles tendonitis, knee pain, plantar fascitis, metatarsalgia, fallen arches, heel pain, "weak ankles", low back pain, and sports injuries.

Articles and Additional Information

Pilates technique is increasingly being used by informed professionals and the general public to assist in rehabilitation and improve athetic performance. It is a "thinking person's" way to intelligently exercise their body and improve the ability to control all the muscles of the body.


  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Core strength and stability
  • Injury prevention
  • Relief form stress and back pain
  • Better posture
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Effective rehabilitation
  • Heightened mind-body awareness
  • Increase self-confidence

The results of working with the various forms of Pilates Apparatus are very consistent; optimal musculoskeletal performance - strength, flexibility, endurance without risking injury or building bulk. With a focus on building core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, spinal alignment and breathing.

Pilates helps restore the normal curves of the spine, relieve tension and enhance self confidence. The result: a balanced and a leaner body that looks fit, feels good and moves with ease.

Balance and Dizziness Program

Many people suffer from balance and dizziness disorders that can be treated by Vestibular Rehabilitation. Physiotherapists who practice vestibular rehabilitation have knowledge and training in specific evidence-based treatment techniques and exercises that can help eliminate or greatly improve vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, and motion sensitivity. In addition, specific exercises and guidance can help to improve balance deficiencies resulting from brain injury, stroke, or other neurological conditions.

Vestibular or inner ear problems can cause a variety of symptoms including spinning sensations (especially after lying down or sitting up), dizziness, imbalance, motion sensitivity, nausea, headaches, and poor concentration. Vestibular symptoms may not be related to any specific cause but they can often be the result of a variety of conditions including infections, head trauma, or neck problems. The most common cause of dizziness is Benign Paroxismal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) that results from small crystals being displaced in the inner ear. Treatment for specific conditions such as BPPV can often eliminate the problem in one or two treatments, other problems can take a few weeks of practicing exercises to help re-train the vestibular and balance systems.

WBV utilizes your body's own reflex mechanism to stimulate the effects of exercise. Vibration of a certain amplitude (up and down movement) and frequency.

Vibration can trigger a number of physiological effects including:

  • Increase in strength and power.
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility.
  • Improved neuromuscular coordination.
  • Improved hormonal profile.
  • Increase bone mineral density.
  • Increase blood flow in muscles.

In our Cranbrook office we utilize Power Plate technology and in our Kimberley office we utilize the Vibraflex. WBV is used by elite athletes like Lance Armstrong to improve performance, reduce injuries risk and speed up recovery from vigorous exercise.

Senior citizens use WBV to stimulate bone mineral density and ward off the effects of osteoporosis. WBV can also be utilized in long-term care to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly.

We have also shown WBV to be safe and beneficial when used by recreational athletes and children wanting to have an edge over their competitors.

Articles and Additional Information

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