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By: Westcoast Cash Atm  09-12-2011
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Can an ATM Work for Me?

Join in the benefits of ATM ownership!

WestCoast Cash can offer you a solution that will meet your present volume and future growth needs.. whatever your size.

Our trained representatives will help you to select an ATM model and structure a solution best suited for your unique business environment and your budget.





WestCoast Cash has its own trained installers on staff. We coordinate our times to fit with your needs. Evenings, weekends and even holiday installations and startups are the order of the day if needed. All installations and service work are carried out "in house" with no outside contractors. The ATM's are firmly bolted to the flooring and to the back walls, where possible. WestCoast Cash has also designed an additional theft deterrent for its network of ATMs. A full and comprehensive training period is included at the time of install.

Service and Maintenance

WestCoast Cash has a dedicated Toll Free support line -- 1.888.317.8811 -- manned by specially trained professional support staff to assist with our Customer Support. Our 24/7 availability means that.. our factory trained technicians are standing by to assist with your questions.

In addition to the factory warranty that is included with the various hardware manufacturers, WestCoast can offer you a competitive package to suit your needs. We "warehouse" a substantial inventory of parts for our ATM, to ensure that the downtime from a problem is minimal. An ATM that isn't dispensing cash isn't making you money. And if you aren't making money-- we aren't making money!

Terminal Management/ Safe and Secure

Let the professionals take care of your ATM! WestCoast offers complete management services for each and every ATM it sells, installs, and operates in its network. WestCoast Cash will deliver! We have specially trained individuals whose only job is to support our clients, from questions over the telephone as a problem arises to re-training of new management staff as needed. Our support staff doesn't rest until we know that your ATM needs have been met, up and above your expectations of us.

Now that's SERVICE!

Transaction Processing

The customer transaction is carefully monitored and administered right from the initial entry of the customer PIN and cash request, the authorization of funds, and onto the actual cash dispense. Our transaction processing offers the highest of network availability while still maintaining the integrity of the transaction management, security, and reporting capabilities.

The "Co-Opportunity"

WestCoast strongly believes in the support of customers within their own industry. WestCoast has developed several forms of internal promotional opportunities and has also participated in trade shows and conventions. Each February, WestCoast donates 100% of profits from the hospital's ATM to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation.

What is a "good location"?

Pubs, Night Clubs, Sports Bars Casinos, Hotels, Motels, Resorts & Inns Gas Stations & Convenience Stores Shopping Centres, Government Facilities Events, Stadiums, Arenas

As you can see, the "Off Premise ATM" can work for just about any venue. With the advancement in hardware models and technology, and the decrease in cost to purchase an ATM, the opportunities are now available to everyone. Transaction numbers for any ATM will vary depending on several factors, including proximity to a bank or another ATM, location and site traffic, and the surcharge level at the ATM.

Revenue Opportunities

With ATM ownership, the transaction fees generated from your ATM remain with you. We return 100% of these surcharge fees back to the ATM owner.. YOU. And if actual ownership is not the way you want to go, we also offer profit sharing with our customers. This amount varies depending upon the responsibility level you wish to participate in.

However, the service fees aside, YOU reap the savings of lower credit and debit card fees that you would normally pay out for your sales. You will see the additional increase in "on-site" spending, increased traffic flow, and more dollars spent in your business. An ATM will free up your staff to concentrate on other responsibilities. It's a "Win-Win" situation.

Service Your Customer

You should be the business that satisfies your customers' "Cash Needs", not your competitor down the block. An ATM will offer you increased business visibility. More satisfied customers mean more dollars spent in your store. You can enhance your customer loyalty, keep them in your place of business, and keep them coming back.

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Keywords: ATM, Transaction Processing