The Core Centre of Health |  Naturopathic Medicine

By: The Core Centre of Health  09-12-2011

The Core Centre of Health |  Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Emina Jasarevic, ND practices naturopathic medicine with an integrative approach to health care, healing and wellness. By definition, Naturopathic Doctors (ND) are government recognized general practitioners with specialized training in natural therapies. Naturopathic Doctors treat the underlying cause of illness, seek to uncover the biochemical imbalances in the body and treat both the symptoms and the cause of dis-ease. Naturopathic medicine encompasses many traditional therapies including and herbal medicine, and integrates this with current conventional medical science to diagnose in a manner similar to medical doctors (MD’s). However, it is the therapeutic approach and naturopathic philosophy that is the driving force behind the success of Naturopathic Medicine and ultimate healing. Dr. Emina utilizes therapies such as clinical nutrition, cold laser therapy, intravenous micronutrient therapy, nutriceuticals, clinical psychology and lifestyle counseling and employs the discretionary use of pharmaceutical prescriptions when needed. In addition, comprehensive physical examinations and specialized laboratory testing (Food Allergies, Adrenal Stress Testing, etc.) are available through Naturopathic consultations.

Dr. Emina is a trained primary care physician in integrative medicine, providing services that are tailored toward the needs of each individual. Primary areas of interest include for supervised cleansing and more advanced for fertility and cardiovascular health (elevated cholesterol, etc.). Hormone balancing,, weight loss programs, gastrointestinal concerns and stress management are some of the most common health issues addressed at The Core Centre of Health.

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