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By: The Core Centre of Health  09-12-2011

The Core Centre of Health |  Clinical Psychologist

Pat was still awake at 1 am. The sheets were twisted into knots, 2 glasses of milk had been drunk, and sleep was still far away. The stress and worries just kept churning around. At that point, Pat realized the stress was too much to handle. Professional help was needed.  But who to choose? Other friends had been to psychotherapists, and had mediocre experiences. That was not what Pat wanted. He needed effective help for his stress. After all, he could feel it shredding the years off his life.
Thankfully, that help is available, both for you, and for Pat. When I work with clients to assist them overcome stress, I take two steps to ensure the highest possible quality of psychological services.
First, I measure how much you are improving, in each session.    Second, I measure the sense of teamwork that clients feel to me as their psychologist. That way, we can detect how much therapy is helping you, and where it needs to be tuned to ensure that it is on track.
This new approach to psychotherapy is called Feedback Improved Therapy.
Several research studies have looked at how much it improves the effectiveness of therapy. In the graph on the right, when the therapist just asked how clients were doing, they improved by 5 or 6 points on a 40 point scale of psychological distress (green bar). However, if the same therapist got objective feedback from the other half of the clients that they were seeing, then the clients improved by 10 or 12 points on a 40 point scale (blue bar). This is a doubling of the effectiveness of psychotherapy.
I use the same approach in my practice, and my data is in the graph below.

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