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By: Shuziqi  09-12-2011
Keywords: Blood Cells

We produce Shuzi rings, bracelets, sports bands, and pendants.

How does Shuzi Work? By emitting a subtle nano vibrational frequency that resonates on the cellular level when brought within 6 inches of your body. NVT has been seen to restructure, rejuvenate and re-energize blood cells that may have otherwise been compromised, or exhausted by every day environmental, professional and personal stress.

When Shuzi technology is placed near the body’s biofield (your natural physical energy), the NVT helps blood cells become more active allowing improved blood flow and cellular communication. The goal is to minimize cellular duress and improve the body’s state of efficiency while at the same time strengthening and synchronizing the natural frequencies of the biofield.

See some of the research behind Shuzi’s Nano-Vibrational Technology!

“SHUZI absolutely has a dramatic positive effect on the physiology of the body.”- Dr. Ben Johnson

Dr. Greg Melvin – “The autonomic response that I observed can only be attributed to the SHUZI technology. I was astonished.”

Bio Meridian Testing

Thermal Imagery Testing

In clinical studies done in conjunction with the Thermal Imaging Centers of America, Shuzi’s NVT effects can be seen in under 1 minute in the form of improved circulation and increased blood flow. Other NVT effects commonly seen through Thermography are reduced inflamation in sore joints, muscles and tissues.

Blood Cell Analysis

Clinical studies using Shuzi’s NVT have shown significant improvement in the shape, movement and vibration of blood cells only 30 minutes after wearing the technology.

Keywords: Blood Cells