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By: Showcase Relocations Allied Van Lines Canada Agent  09-12-2011
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Relocating with Allied Van Lines is unlike working with other moving companies. With a reputation of success and reliability, we’re one of the top van lines in North America--and throughout the world. We provide an unprecedented hassle-free moving experience at an affordable price. Our global yet localized presence allows us to focus on our customers’ needs with worldwide vision. We are efficient but caring, and attentive but driven. In the current economic client, a dependable moving company is a priceless investment.

Allied and SIRVA: Redefining Relocation

The parent company of Allied Van Lines, SIRVA, is a world-renowned leader in global relocation. Moving more than 1,000 families a day in locations throughout the world, SIRVA constantly re-defines the moving experience. Equipped with a global network of resources and extensive area of influence, Allied Van Lines and SIRVA partner to create an unparalleled moving company.

As a result of this remarkable partnership, what services and experiences can our customers expect?

  • Nationwide and Global Relocations
  • Personalized, Dedicated Service
  • Full Menu of Moving Services
  • Customized Relocation Solutions
  • Residential and Commercial Relocations
  • And Much More!

Who is SIRVA? _How Does it Benefit my Move?

As an industry forerunner in personalized, custom relocation for clients worldwide, SIRVA works in more than 175 countries for a diverse range of customers. SIRVA specializes in:

  • Consumer Moving
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Government/Military Moves

SIRVA's Household Moving Capabilities

With Allied Van Lines as your household moving company, you will have access to SIRVA's vast network of domestic relocation services and the reliability of the most widely recognized and trusted brand names in the moving industry. The options for a household move with SIRVA and Allied Van Lines include:

  • More than 1,200 choices for a moving company throughout the world
  • Local, long distance and international relocations
  • Diverse range of moving services that include:
    • Free in-home estimate
    • Full-service packing
    • Custom crating
    • Vehicle shipping
    • Piano moving
    • Appliance disconnect/reconnect
    • Disassembly/assembly of swing sets, pool tables, etc.
    • Short- and long-term storage
    • Various valuation coverage options (insurance)
    • On-time pickup and deliveries
    • Unpacking and debris removal
  • Competitive pricing

With these numerous options for your residential relocation, you can rely on SIRVA and Allied Van Lines for a fully customizable and personal relocation experience fitted to suit your needs, budget preferences and timeline. With our services and expertise, you are guaranteed a stress-free and pocket-friendly household move.

SIRVA: An Expert in Corporate Relocation Services

Known all over the world for their top-of-the-line corporate relocation services, SIRVA and Allied Van Lines provides exceptional service for your employees and their families. With our custom, all encompassing features, we provide a reliable relocation for any destination, local or global. Whether moving an entire company staff of thousands or a single member, our remarkable corporate relocation services always include:

  • Complete, Customized Relocation Solutions
  • Cost-Containment
  • Consulting Services
  • Move Management
  • Pre-Move Services
  • Destination Services
  • Local, Long Distance and International Moves
  • Moving Services
    • Packing
    • Crating
    • Storage
    • Third Party Services
    • And Much More
  • Mortgage Services
    • Home Sale Assistance
    • Home Purchase Assistance
  • Plus, Many More

Regardless of corporation size, SIRVA and Allied Van Lines provide respected and trusted service for a simple and successful relocation. Chosen as the relocation provider for half of the Fortune Global 500 companies, SIRVA has a proven track record as a reliable and top-quality moving company. Our number one priority is a simple, straightforward relocation for your corporation and employees.

SIRVA is the Preferred Mover of Government and Military

SIRVA and Allied Van Lines are the preferred moving companies for government employee and military personnel relocation. We recognize the specific needs of these clients and are able to live up to the highest standards of security, neatness and training for military and government approval. SIRVA abides by the following principles and, as a result, is the premiere moving company for government and military relocations:

  • Seamless Relocations
  • Cost Containment
  • Trusted by Government, Military and Civilian Customers
  • Innovative Global and End-to-End Relocation Services
  • More than 38,000 Government/Military Moves Handled Every Year
  • Professional, Timely and Worry-Free Moves
  • Meet Unique Needs of Relocating Families
  • Undergo Random, Regular Inspections of:
    • Equipment Cleanliness and Security
    • Warehouse Cleanliness and Security
    • Staff Training
  • More than 30 Years of Experience with Military Moves

Together, SIRVA and Allied Van Lines remain dedicated to successfully executing government and military relocations all over the world. The entire process, from negotiations to final destination, is a simple, comprehensive service for employees, personnel and their families.

How Do I Benefit From Sirva and Allied Van Lines’ partnership?

The connection between Allied Van Lines and SIRVA places you in a position to reap the endless benefits of our partnership during your move. As a world-renowned moving company, SIRVA's partnership with Allied Van Lines means that your move, whether corporate or household based, is aided by SIRVA's industry expertise, years of experience, worldwide presence and expansive resources. Most importantly, your move is completed with the attentiveness of a local company, but with the efficiency and strategy of a global company to offer a seamless and hassle-free relocation from any two points around world.

Working side by side, SIRVA and Allied Van Lines leave a lasting worldwide impression with our outstanding service no other moving company can match. Our rigorous performance standards ensure a high standard for every relocation.

  • We offer unmatched accountability, quality and value to more than 1,000 customers a day
  • We offer online shipment tracking and global service centers for information about your move 24/7
  • Best-in-class technologies, processes and industry expertise
  • Cost containment through high volume of shipments via air and ocean carriers

By selecting Allied Van Lines, you tap into SIRVA's global network and resources, not just those of a single moving company. Our round-the-clock service and bottomless resources are beneficial for your relocation needs. No other moving company provides the same caliber of service with the same global reach and network of relocation experts as SIRVA and Allied Van Lines. Every smooth and successful move is a testament to SIRVA's dedication to changing the way people think about moving.

Your relocation is a monumental and life-changing experience. Choose the company with the experience and resources to make your move all it should be and more.

Read more about our global relocation strategies and capabilities below!

Go Anywhere with Allied Van Lines!

It’s not an empty promise when we guarantee a seamless transition for you, your family, business or employees. We honor our word and provide you a pleasant moving experience to anywhere in the world. Our presence both locally and globally means that your every need will be met. Whether moving a block away or clear across the Pacific Ocean, you can count on us to move your life and belongings with the same level of care and precision.

Allied has Resources Nationwide

Our unparalleled nationwide presence means that no other moving company can serve the same area with the same quality of service. Allied Van Lines calls upon the services, knowledge and know-how of hundreds of agents throughout the United States and Canada with access to their representatives, equipment, storage facilities, fleets and technology.

If you remain unconvinced of our national capabilities, have a look at our presence and reach through the numbers below:

  • 500 Agent Locations across North America- Spanning Coast to Coast, Canada to Miami, FL
  • 2,600 Employees Nationwide
  • 4,200 Qualified Drivers across North America
  • 200,000 Shipments Handled Annually
  • In 1 year, Allied Trucks have enough mileage to circle the globe 13 times!

Moving over 1,000 families a year, we offer a high number of moves without diminished quality. Our customers experience the best aspects of moving: security, timeliness and coverage. We safely move your goods from any point to any point, all within your desired timeline for relocation.

Allied Doesn't Just Cover North America - We Move the World

While our nationwide services are outstanding, we don't stop there. Our worldwide relocation services are equally as thorough and impressive. With agents and representatives all over the globe, SIRVA and Allied Van Lines team up to offer unmatched global service. We have a team of people across the world equipped with the knowledge and resources to get the job done. Our stats reaffirm our status as a top worldwide mover:

  • Operations in More than 40 Countries - Corporate Owned and Franchised Offices
  • Network of Agents and Other Service Representatives in 175 Countries
  • 75 Years of Experience in Global Relocations
  • 300,000 Families Moved Around the World Every Year

Our numbers support the fact that, without exception, we are able to move anyone to any place in the world. From every corner of the globe, we meet even the most difficult relocation needs head on. With a vast global presence and network, we take care of relocations to remote or desolate locations. No other company is better equipped to complete your international relocation.

Do I Need a Global Moving Company for my Local Move?

Yes, you do. Allied Van Lines uses its global reach, strategy and resources to make even a local move more successful than a moving company operating only nationwide. Our expertise means that your local move is done with the quality and care of a worldwide relocation. Our global technology, including tracking, specialized fleets, national representatives and mass storage facilities make your move even less stressful.

And even though you are working with a global mover, we offer the same level of attentiveness to local customers. Your personal moving agent and coordinator is with you every step of the way to offer first-person guidance, knowledge and advice.

Can a Global Relocation Service Really be Affordable?

Absolutely. We are known for our competitive prices. Allied Van Lines knows the importance of staying within a budget, but not skimping on quality, especially with our current economic climate. Your move with Allied Van Lines will be cost-friendly but top-of-the-line. We provide a cost-effective relocation experience that:

  • Meets all your unique needs
  • Adheres to your timeframe
  • Fits within your budget

Whether you're a household, corporation, government employee or military personnel, money is a concern for every move. We realize this important factor and try to minimize the stress associated with staying on budget. Saving money and getting the most for your dollar is a primary concern in our economy and Allied Van Lines is here to provide relocation services at a reasonable price. With Allied, a budget-friendly but high-quality move is well within grasp.

Allied in Review: The Benefits to Choosing Allied Van Lines as Your Moving Company

  • Allied is Part of the Most Renowned Moving Company in the World: SIRVA
  • Allied has a Nationwide Network of Resources for Your Move - Anywhere in North America!
  • Allied has a Global Presence to Best Serve Your International Relocation

Allied Van Lines - Your Moving Company of Choice

Allied Van Lines, as one of SIRVA's most distinguished and trustworthy brands, is a respected worldwide and nationwide mover, providing affordable and stress-free relocations for a wide range of clients. Speak to us today about your free in-home estimate to begin your domestic or international move on the right note. We are honored to suit all of your needs and be your moving company of choice.

Keywords: Household Moving, moving company, Moving Services

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