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By: S. Shewchuk & Associates  09-12-2011

What We Do

On a collaborative basis we work with our clients (partners) to customize a program which allows each one to succeed in achieving their specific objectives. Each and every project that we agree to partner with a client on is assessed based on the requirements of the client and the agreed upon processes.

Our SUCCESS Philosophy

Our approaches revolve around one simple principle: The improvement of our client’s condition.

One of the essentials of SUCCESS is the utilization of existing talents and resources within the organization to increase customer satisfaction and achieve business objectives, by the transference of expertise and information.

SUCCESS Consulting Services

Our firm has SUCCESSfully assisted many organizations both large and small in achieving their objectives of improved productivity, greater profitability, enhanced performance and enhanced organizational strategies. Each intervention is vastly different and unique, every organization is distinctive in its structure and requirements, and thus we adapt our approach in partnership with our client to ensure a positive outcome to every project.

“Your knowledge based advice has been invaluable, and we will continue to utilize your services, as required.  S. Shewchuk & Associates Ltd. provides excellent return on our investment.”

Grant Souter
Able Leasing Ltd.

SUCCESS On-Call Consulting

“Your services have been integral to the continued growth and viability of our organization…this will continue to be a productive and profitable business relationship on an ongoing basis…”

Mark E. Middleton
Provincial Process Services

This program is designed as a resource to assist executives, managers and business owners in their daily functions, by having by access to the expertise of Shawn Shewchuk.

Our SUCCESS Mentor Program is designed to assist you in achieving greater SUCCESS and BALANCE in both your personal life and/or business objectives. This program was originally developed specifically for business professionals and consultants but has morphed into an amazing and life changing experience for anyone who accepts the challenge of a more evenly balanced lifestyle.

Business + Life + Balance = SUCCESS

SUCCESS Executive Coaching

The SUCCESS Executive Coaching program was developed to assist Executives, Managers and Business Owners in building synergies within their teams, identifying and monitoring key trends, SUCCESSfully achieving objectives, and in developing tools and methodologies aimed at SUCCESS.

Accept the challenge of achieving SUCCESS today!

The Success Team Coaching program was developed to explore and leverage the unique capabilities of your team, and create synergies that promote not only the SUCCESS of your team, but that of your organization as well. You will experience benefits expanded leadership capabilities within your team, as well as increased productivity and performance.

Seize the power of SUCCESS through the talents of your team!

Business SUCCESS Workshop

The SUCCESS Steps Business SUCCESS Workshop was developed specifically with the small to medium size business owner or executive in mind, in response to the tremendous demand for the knowledge and methods of operating a SUCCESSful business. Only when we stop learning do we stagnate, in order to be SUCCESSful in business and in life we must continually ensure that we are acquiring knowledge.

You will acquire the skills required to SUCCESSfully operate and manage a business while avoiding the pitfalls that are so easy to fall into. This comprehensive home study course will give you the tools to skillfully guide your business through even the most turbulent of situations. The fee for this all inclusive course of only $395.00 and includes one hour of phone coaching with me. I am confident you will benefit immensely from this program and I encourage you to take the opportunity to expand your knowledge and be a SUCCESS.

Remember, Knowledge is Power!

SUCCESS Sales Improvement

Developed by Shawn Shewchuk to assist organizations and individuals achieving their potential and ultimately SUCCESS in the sales process. You will be have the opportunity to discover how gain control of the sales process and increase the end results. Gain insight into relationship building and methods for obtaining the desired outcome.


SUCCESS Dispute Resolution Training

Benefit from the years of experience that Shawn Shewchuk has had in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Discover techniques on how to preempt internal disputes and proactive methods to avoid external differences.

Of course if you have a dispute, Mr. Shewchuk has the experience to assist you in bringing the disagreement a SUCCESSful resolution notwithstanding how sensitive an issue.

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