By: Raven Ridge Cidery  09-12-2011
Keywords: Pear, Fermentation

D'anjou Pear Iced Cider

New for 2008. The delicate essence of the D’anjou Pear has been captured in this naturally concen- trated cider. The luscious flavours of pear and spiced honey will stimulate your taste buds in this velvety, unique fruit libation. Enjoy the exhilarating spirit of an Okanagan harvest all year round! This is a limited release, with very few bottles available in the 375ml size only.11% alc/vol. 375ml

Ambrosia Iced Cider

This dessert cider displays all the unique characters of the Ambrosia apple. Luscious honeyed pear aromas are followed by rich tropical flavours and a suprisingly fresh finish.11% alc/vol. 200ml or 375ml

Fuji Iced Cider

Fuji Iced Cider reflects the true essence of our apples. The naturally concentrated nectar fermented slowly with care and precision to create an explosive taste sensation. An indulgence for your senses, rich and luscious. Pour over vanilla ice cream.11% alc/vol. 200ml or 375ml

Braeburn Iced Cider

The Braeburn iced cider is lively and complex. The crisp sweetness of this highly regarded apple lends itself perfectly to the iced cider. Enjoy with strong cheese or bittersweet chocolates. 11% alc/vol. 200ml or 375ml

Granny Smith Iced Cider
Our most popular variety. The sweet-tart combination of this iced cider is sure to offer a taste sensa- tion that is both unique and refreshing. Try it and experience the Granny Smith face! 11% alc/vol. 200ml or 375ml

True Sparkling Cider
Very limited production and availability.The lively, crisp acidity of the Braeburn apple lends this sparkling cider its elegant structure. A long cool primary fermentation helped to retain the distinctive Braeburn apple flavour. The second fermentation happens in this very bottle and is responsible for the delicate bubbles and long-lasting mousse. After 12 months of special care, each bottle is hand riddled. Enjoy this cider with salads, Asian dishes or dessert. It is sure to compliment any celebration. 7% alc/vol. 750ml

Keywords: Fermentation, Pear