Self Defense Instruction, Martial Arts Instruction

By: Pure Self Defense  01-04-2016
Keywords: Weight Loss, Martial Arts, Martial Arts School

Imagine having more BOLDNESS, SELF-ESTEEM, and CONFIDENCE because you know you are strong, healthy, fit, and not afraid of anyone. How great would you feel then? Kelowna's Pure Self Defense school gives you simple and effective self defense skills that you should know but never had the opportunity learn. Pure Self Defense is focused entirely on finding the most effective solutions to handling and preventing the real-life threats that can be faced by anyone, anywhere. A hybrid self defence system, Pure Self Defense has been inspired by Krav Maga, military Close Quarters Combatives (CQC), Senshido, and other reality based self defense systems. Pure Self Defense is simple, practical, highly effective wand will help you to stop a larger, stronger, enraged attacker. Visit us now at or call today at 778-363-PURE

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