Self Defense / Reality Based Self Defence / Martial Arts Instruction

By: Pure Self Defense  30-11-2013
Keywords: Martial Arts, Personal Training, gyms & fitness centres

Pure Self Defense in Kelowna... the place where people go who are serious about being able to stand up against violence and win. Learn how to save your own life from life threatening danger and protect your loved ones in just days instead of years. Pure Self Defense will help you increase the level of safety in your life regardless of your age, sex, or physical ability. Most approaches to defending yourself rely on situational techniques to be used in specific situations, whereas I provide conceptual tools that can be used in ANY situation. I engage the emotional, psychological, and behavioral aspects of self protection that go alongside the physical combatives. The combatives that I teach are absolutely vicious and will stop a larger, stronger, and enraged opponent(s) even when you’re under the effects of adrenal stress. Pure Self Defense is proven to be effective for total real-life self defense and is designed with the "Average Joe” and “Regular Jane” in mind. Call or email Coach Andy at Pure Self Defense today! Visit us at: "The first right of every human being is the right of self defense. Without that right, all other rights are meaningless."

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