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By: Paradise Valley Contracting  09-12-2011
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We hired a contractor back in October to remodel our kitchen. The remodeling was supposed to be done before Thanksgiving. It was almost finished except for the trim and one shelf which were not yet finished. We were then promised it would be done by Thanksgiving, as we were hosting dinner for all of our family. It wasn't finished. We were THEN told it would CERTAINLY be done by the time we had our Christmas party on Dec. 19th. It wasn't. And you guessed still isn't finished. The problem is..our contractor paid the cabinet maker in full and I suppose he has no incentive to return. It has mostly been left on my shoulders to call and hassle the cabinet maker. Yesterday, I called the contractor (who hired the cabinet maker) twice, and got no answer, no return. I'm FED UP! It's been 3 months now, and the job is not finished.

If all building contractors were honest, skilled and worked for the proper costs, Mike Holmes might be out of a job. Every week “make it right” contractor Mike Holmes visits homeowners who have been ripped off by contractors and fixes poor-quality construction jobs around the country on his HGTV show, Holmes on Homes.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone come and fix all their problems for free, and prevention and research are the best ways to protect yourself, your wallet and your home from shady contractor jobs. Paying before the work is completed, not having clearly stated agreements in writing and selecting the wrong contractor are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to entering into a contractor agreement. Below, these mistakes are incorporated into some very common contractor problems and scams.

  • Low balling: The job begins with a very good price quote, but as the job continues, more money is suddenly needed. Much, much more money. Don’t pay and you risk the contractor walking away from a messy, half-completed job.

  • Fictitious businesses: The company doesn’t seem legitimate, you can’t find anything about it in the phone book or online, and the only place you’ve seen the name of the company is on the business cards or forms the company hands over to you. An honest contractor or company wants you to find positive information on them, and it is out there.

  • Misleading permit information: The contractor tells you incorrect information about whether or not to get a permit, and who has to actually request the permit. If he gets the permit and does a bad job, it’s his responsibility to pay for righting it. If you, the homeowner, request a permit and the construction is faulty and not up to code, it must be fixed at cost to you.

  • Vague contracts: Items like the quality of materials to be used, labour standards, time constraints or payment terms are broadly and vaguely covered in the contract.

  • Demanding early payment: A sudden change in payment terms, such as needing the payment earlier than specified or threatening to not continue if payment is not made right away might be supplemented with a sob story about how the money is needed before agreed upon. This is not your problem, and you have a contract for a reason.

Word of mouth is really your best protection, if you can find and talk to someone who has used the contractor’s services this is a good starting place.  Check references, a little research before can save you lots down the road!!

Keywords: cabinet maker

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