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By: Optimed Software  09-12-2011

Optimed Software has a proven track record of successful project implementations. We aid our clients in acquiring the necessary skills and technical tools to achieve the maximum benefits from the Accuro system they have chosen.

Accuro can also be delivered through ASP (Application Service Provider). With ASP, the data and even the computer programs themselves are housed in a protected datacenter outside of your clinic. Your clinic's computers receive and transmit mouse, keyboard, and video signals using secure networks links via the internet. If you choose this method, any computer running Microsoft Windows XP with a high speed internet connection can be utilized to deliver Accuro.

At implementation, Accuro is configured to the client's workflow requirements and training is done on site using the client's equipment and data. This process helps to streamline workflow and increase operational efficiency while maximizing the power and flexibility of Accuro.

Our implementation consultants offer practical advice as to how client forms and templates can be used in the Accuro system. Accuro is ready for full use by the time the Optimed consultant leaves the clinic. This methodology has evolved over several years and has been successfully tested throughout Western Canada.

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Optimed Software - Services - training

On-Line Help - Accuro has an intuitive and easy to use on-line Help system which provides assistance for tasks related to the active window. On-site Training - An Accuro Implementation Consultant delivers training programs at a location convenient for you. We will donate a full clinic consultation to identify workflow needs and determine if the system is right for you.


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You will be able to mange the patient's appointment flow from checking their healthcare number to booking their appointment to processing their bill and receiving the payment. Accuro Admin is a scheduling, billing, and messaging system that automates the daily administration of a medical clinic.