By: Okanagan Therapeutic Counselling  11-04-2012


"Since seeing Ezreena Scott, I've been happier than I have been in a long time. I suffered from Post Traumatic Syndrome form being in a car crash when I was 4. My older sister died because of it. I was having flashbacks and nightmares, and couldn't broach the subject with out breaking down. Ezreena did this type of therapy called T.I.R (Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy). That night I was able to get to sleep and had the best sleep I ever had. I've had no flashbacks or nightmares. It has helped so much. My family and friends have noticed a considerable change in me.  I believe anyone who has been in a Traumatic accident should try TIR with Ezreena".  Sincerely, Jennifer

"My experience with Ezreena has been very effective and positive. I am beyond happy with the outcome and the process of meta-psychology. It has allowed me to begin a journey to a different part of myself that I was not tapping into prior to meeting with Ezreena. I was amazed when the perceptions/feelings I was having began unravelling, leaving me with a sense of clarity that I had not experienced before. Thank you Ezreena!"  Angela

"When there comes to a Professional and highly skilled councillor, and a truly compassionate, understanding and caring person,in my experience there is no better then Ezreena. Putting a person at ease and using the proper methods of treatment to accomplish successful and quick breakthroughs Ezreena has done for me,and I know she can for anyone who is seeking her help. I will always be grateful for her!!!!Thank-you Ezreena for your skills and talents and for just being you-which is a wonderful person!!" BL

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