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By: Navstar Geomatics  09-12-2011
Keywords: data management, Monitoring Systems, Deformation Monitoring

Software is a critical part of modern deformation monitoring systems. Our software applications have been designed to work on any project. From a small single sensor project, to a huge project with multiple sites, hundreds of sensors, and many users, these applications are up to the task.

GeoExplorer: Real-Time Data Management

GeoExplorer is the ultimate management software for monitoring system data. This application is used to display data from all of NavStar's monitoring systems in one easy to use tool.

Gemeni: GNSS Data Processing

Gemeni is the GNSS processing engine used to process GPS / GNSS data from NavStar's GNSS sensors. This GeoExplorer compatible server application resides on a central server where it processes GNSS data that can be viewed by users anywhere in the world using the GeoExplorer interface.

Quadrant: Robotic Total Station Control

Quadrant is the server application that is used to manage and control robotic total stations on NavStar's monitoring projects. This GeoExplorer compliant server software can manage the remote control and data collection for many total stations simultaneously. The client / server nature of the system allows authorized users to control their robotic total stations from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it removes the need to have a dedicated PC at each total station setup.

Tension: Wireline Extensometers

Tension is the server application we use for collecting data from manual wireline extensometers. While the sensors themselves are certainly not cutting edge, they are very commonly used in mines around the world. Tension allows the data from these sensors to be integrated into GeoExplorer in real time via WiFi enabled rugged PDA devices.

Harmony: Vibrating Wire Sensors

The Harmony server application collects data from our VWL series vibrating wire data collectors.

Keywords: data management, Deformation Monitoring, Monitoring Systems

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