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By: Natures Gold  09-12-2011
Keywords: Environmental Services, Compost, Organic Matter

  • Specially Formulated:

    Natures Gold Professional Potting & Bedding Soil is an excellent blend of organically based compost, Superior Peat (tm), and Perlite. Our potting soil is specially formulated to provide a full spectrum time release supply of nutrients over most of the growing season.
  • Superior Growth:

    Maximum nutrient content promotes strong and healthy root systems, improved foliage and abundant flowers. The presence of beneficial soil organisms results in a 'living' soil that retains excellent aeration, texture, and structure.
  • Disease Resistant:

    It is worth noting that well-fed soil breeds strong, disease resistant plants. Insects are less prone to munch on healthy plants as the natural defences of the plants are working at their optimum.
  • Low Maintenance:

    Easy to use straight from the bag. Ideal growing medium for most indoor and outdoor plants. No additional nutrients are required for a minimum of 60 days.
  • Environmentally Friendly:

    Natures Gold Professional Potting & Bedding Soil reduces the need for petroleum based fertilizers that are easily leached into the ground water supply. Approved by the B.C. Ministry of the Environment,our potting soil is rendered safe for use by high heat treatments and compost aging.

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Nutritional Analysis of Natures Gold Fertilizer

Total Nitrogen 1.2%
Total Phosphorous 0.7%
Total Potassium 0.3%
Min. Organic Matter 35%
PH 6.0-7.0
Iron .012%
Testing certified by Caro Environmental Services and Griffin Laboratories.

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Keywords: Compost, Environmental Services, nutritional analysis, Organic Matter, Potting Soil

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