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By: Natures Gold  09-12-2011
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    Provides organic matter and essential nutrients enriching the soil as it slowly decomposes, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers that are prone to leaching. Increased organic matter results in less digging, tilling, and cultivation. It improves the soils texture; making sandy soil more water retentive and clay soil more porous. It helps to create an ideal environment for earthworms and microorganisms, essential to healthy soil.

    Acts as a sponge to hold water and nutrients close to the soil. This encourages healthy plant growth, prevents drying of shallow roots and results in less watering. Our mulch attracts earthworms that tunnel through the soil, providing aeration which allows for improved water absorption.
  • WEEDS:

    Natures Gold acts as a barrier to weed growth.

    Stabilizes soil temperature, keeping root systems cooler in summer and protects plants and shrubs from winter injury. By covering bare soil, our mulch prevents soil compaction and erosion caused by heavy rains and wind.

    Improves the visual appeal of your landscaping, garden and flower beds. Rich in appearance, our mulch retains colour with little fading in the sun.
Apply Natures Gold at a depth of 5cm to create an attractive, rich appearance Flower Beds: Apply Natures Gold at a depth of 5cm-7cm around planted flowers
Use Natures Gold as a mulch for winter protection by completely covering the base of the pruned roses
Vegetable Garden:
Use Natures Gold as mulch in alleyways and under planted vegetables to help suppress weeds
Mulch with Natures Gold at a depth of 7cm-10cm to feed and suppress weeds
Trees & Shrubs:
Mulch with Natures Gold to the edge of the trunk (do not cover the trunk) to a depth of 7cm-10cm
Add to the backyard compost to stimulate activity and improve aeration

Nutritional Analysis of Landscape Fertilizer Mulch

Organic Matter65%
Conductivity 5.8 dS/cm pH 6.0-7.0
Total Nitrogen 2%
Total Phosphorous1.0%
Total Potassium 0.4%
Testing certified by Caro Environmental Services and Griffin Laboratories.

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Keywords: Chemical Fertilizers, Environmental Services, Flower Beds, Mulch, nutritional analysis, Organic Matter

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