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By: Maclean Sports Marketing  09-12-2011

The Master Blaster is the ultimate “Free Stuff” delivery mechanism.

Use this CO 2 -powered prize cannon to propel premiums to your fans. Add a façade and turn it into an annual revenue generating property by providing a high impact advertising space to satisfy any sponsor.


Variable Distance Controller
“Blast Determinator Lever” lets you control how far you can propel a premium item – anywhere from 30 to 250 feet.

Revenue Generation
The Master Blaster can be fitted with custom-designed promotional advertising façades and replica logos to create revenue.

Lightweight at 16 pounds and only 42 inches long, the Master Blaster can be used safely on the court, in the stands or at any indoor/outdoor promotion. It’s powered by a small 24 oz. CO 2 tank carried on a hip or shoulder belt. Master Blaster comes with two refillable tanks, each of which will fire approximately 35 to 50 times on one fill.

Delivery time for the Master Blaster façade is 4 weeks. With no façade, delivery can be within four business days.

Clients are still use their units after 9 seasons. There areno plastic parts. Each component is made of high-grade, highly tested material.

The only unit that shoots up to 3 T-shirts (or hot dogs) at once. Multiple stuffed toys can also be launched.

No-Freeze Trigger
A unique system guarantees no downtime because of the C0 2 in the mechanisms

Easy Maintenance
Modular design makes all parts accessible for easy maintenance.

Covers every aspect of the launcher from care and maintenance to wrapping of hot dogs.

Technical Support
We service what we sell.

One Year Warranty
Covers parts and labour(on repairs needed during normal usage due to manufacturer’s defect)

Artwork Available
Call us for a rendering of how your logo, image and sponsors name will appear on a Master Blaster unit.

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