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By: Kelowna Cycle  09-12-2011
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For you the buyer, purchasing a bicycle involves many decisions. The brand, model, materials, color and other variables are all a matter of personal choice. At first glance, choosing the frame size might seem the least subjective of all these decisions, but this is not always the case and this is why Kelowna Cycle offers precision bike fit tools to make sure you have the best bike for your body type. Precision tools determines proper frame size, which means comfort, and superior bike handling and performance.

1. The Measuring Station:

A complete solution for establishing a rider’s physical dimensions. Nothing is left to chance: inseam, forearm and tibia length as well as shoe size are measured simply, quickly and accurately.

2. The Platform:

Allows for quick and accurate positioning of the rider on the bike. No more jury juggling with spirit levels and plumb lines.

3. The bike-tool:

The cycling equivalent of the seamstress’s adjustable mannequin. It can reproduce precisely the geometry of road and tri frames from 44cm all the way to 64 cm size It allows a visual preview of the final position and lets the cyclist test and validate the physical measurements taken as well as frame size and component choice, down to the number of spacers required under the stem. The cyclist can safely sit and pedal on the bike-tool and proceed positioning like on a real bike… The bike-tool can be used for tri-specific positioning (650 and 700 wheels)

4. The Mechanic’s Square:

Used directly on the bike, it establishes vertical and horizontal reference points in order to precisely document saddle and handlebar position.

Keywords: bike

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